24 Roar-astic Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

Although they became extict long ago, dinosaurs can be counted as the most popular toy creatures for boys. These gigantic animals are also the most preferred birthday party theme. Creating a prehistoric setting with large leaves, dinosaur eggs, volcanoes, balloons lots of balloons, flags, etc. is easier than you think. Starting with the decoration of the place, then the cake and other treats, the table setting, invitation cards and finally the keepsakes, you must arrange and organize every little detail to please your kiddo. Earthy hues like brown, green and yellow must be the main colour scheme for your birthday party, whereas you can also add orange and gold for some details. Placing huge ROAR letter ballons works perfect for the backdrop with some leaves as complementary decoration items. Dino theme birthday party is a must with some cookies and a huge bowl of volcano punch looks great on the birthday table. You can custom-make your invitation cards using ready printables with your kid’s photo on it. In order to provide you the latest ideas, we combed Instagram and found some real-life photos. Here you can find our suggestions. Get inspired!

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