2020 Fashion Styles to Adopt This Rainy Season

The rainy season is here again, and it is making us gloomy and retreat inside our home. At the same time, it makes us keep our best outfit and choose something more boring and bland for the rainy days. Without a doubt, we don’t want to sacrifice our fashionable outfit in the rain. For this reason, we made several fashion pieces that will help you still be fab while marching and withstanding through the rain.

Continue reading to see some fashion styles that will keep you dry, comfortable, and phenomenal at the same time.

1. Fabulous Yet Functional Coats

Trench coats and long jackets might be the coolest invention ever. If you want the best rainwear for women that is functional but will still pair nicely with anything you have, then these fab pieces are all you need. With lots of variation, from lightweight to fancy and funky, you can definitely find one. Surely when you added this on your OOTD, you can slack on the rest of your outfit. Whether you love the rain or dreading the thought of being drenched on it, you might as well look stylish wearing coats.

2. Heeled Rain Boots

You don’t want your designer stiletto or your white tennis shoes to be soaked in puddles, but then you can’t think about what perfect footwear you can risk on wearing in the rain. Even in gloomy weather, you can still look like a runway model with these heeled rain boots. These types of heels help you avoid any slips with a strong grip on the sole. Who would’ve thought that style and utility can coexist? Even though it’s not popular, there are still plenty of designs of heeled rain boots in the market today. Grab these chic-looking boots and look like a rockstar while walking outside in the rain.

3. Denim Cut-offs

Denim will be forever the staple piece in an outfit. Wearing jeans will surely provide maximum comfort during this stressful day. The best thing is you can pair it with almost anything in your wardrobe. You can pair it with a basic tee, sweatshirts, cardigans, leather jacket, and trench coats.  It is dependable and a no brainer piece in your overall outfit.

4. Scarf

You might be thinking that scarves are so old fashion, but nowadays they are making a comeback in the fashion industry. They are now upgraded into being waterproof while still retaining the stylishness. It is a pop of color and glam on your outfit at the same time protecting you against rainy and windy days. You can wrap them around your neck, cape around your shoulder and cover your head too. This is a trendy yet functional number that is completely waterproof and windproof.

This rainy season might be a hassle for all of us, and with heavy rains or gloomy weather bothering us every day, it is still important to have a little bit fun. Cheer yourself up by still being brave to dress up. With this recommendation, we hope that you can still be stylish and comfortable all throughout the rainy days.