20 Absolutely Cool Ear Piercings to Die For

With the changing of the seasons, most of us started to get in summer mood and felt the need for change and adaptation. Undoubtedly, we all wish to revitalise ourselves with a fresh new image for the upcoming season. If you need an immediate touch to upgrade your look from boring to spunky, we suggest you try ear piercings. Having an ear piercing is truly inexpensive and most of the styles are highly simple to get applied that you’ll regret not having one up-to-now. Once you step into the world of piercings, you’ll surely find a combination that fits the shape your ear the best. You can start with upper-lobe and helix, then try tragus or rook for a more extraordinary look. Please keep in mind that some of the piercings are punctured with a gun, but especially for industrial and helix piercings, you need to go to a professional and get it done with a needle. Although, the process is quite simple and generally not that painful, you need to take care of your newly pierced ear properly until it totally heals. Now pick your favourite ear piercings and flaunt with the sassy change by embellishing your ear with different gems.

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