15 Personalized Wedding Gifts for Her

Wedding gifts often fall in the same category. They might be household gifts that a newly married couple can use in the home, or they might be housewarming gifts that make for a peaceful abode. However, personalized gifts offer a unique component that can make a memorable day even more deeply meaningful.

1. Welcome mat

Personalized welcome mats set a friendly tone for visitors stepping into your home. You can customize the mat with a saying or a greeting. As such, you can present the bride with a personalized house-warming gift that will please her for decades.

2. Wreath

Another tasteful decoration is a personalized wreath, which can be a traditional wreath or even a wooden or metal decoration accessorized with the bride’s favorite flowers. Because it can be made in a variety of ways, it can accentuate a wall or even the front door.

3. Candles

Personalized candles can be customized with a favorite quote or even a photo. See more on Amazon.

4. Framed art

Personalized art can be one of the best personalized wedding gifts for her. You can include an inspirational saying along with an engraving on the frame. Matting can be layered and emblazoned with a name or a dedication.

5. Personalized photo blanket

When it comes to wedding gifts for her, a personalized blanket with either the bride’s or the groom’s photo will create the perfect wrap for a cold, rainy Sunday. Because this type of blanket can be customized with just about any wedding photo, it is the perfect way to cuddle inside your favorite memory.

6. World map

Traditional maps are boring. However, a personalized map that represents all the places she and he will visit can make for a fun and tasteful way to decorate the wall or plan for future memories.

7. Framed vows

Obviously, vows are to be adhered to, but they are also a memory of that special moment when two single friends became united into a mutual partnership that will last for the rest of their years. The vows can be customized with a traditional font or with a cursive font for a more artistic flair, and the matting can include a bevel or two to serve as a pleasing accent.

8. Cutting board

A personalized cutting board makes kitchen work more motivational and pleasing. In fact, with one of these to bring back happy memories, tears no longer stem just from the cut onions.

9. Wine servers and storage

Whether you go with a personalized wine tray with glasses or a personalized wine box to store some mellow wine, this gift adds a bit of romance to those Fridays and Saturdays when the couple wants to be intimate and relive their memories over a movie.

10. Coffee cups

Waking up over coffee is one of the most pleasant ways to meet and greet the morning. However, coffee in a personalized mug can make any new bride glow throughout the entire day. The mugs can be personalized with photos or a saying, and they can come in a variety of sizes and colors.

11. Champagne glasses

Personalized champagne glasses might seem like something that will only be used once per year. However, this particular gift will give the bride and groom a reason to celebrate whether celebration is called for or not. The etching is tasteful, and the glasses are safe for any dishwasher.

12. Union platter

A union platter is a serving platter or bowl printed with a personalized message, photo, or piece of artwork. This type of gift helps make meals more meaningful, and it can also serve as a conversation starter for family gatherings.

13. Intersection sign

The intersection sign is one of the most playful types of gifts. It consists of a standard sign post with arrows pointing this way and that. The arrows can be customized with sayings or with the bride’s new surname. Moreover, it can serve as a fun decoration in a game room or even on a deck to be enjoyed every morning with the aforementioned personalized coffee cups. If the bride is able to curl up in the aforementioned personalized blanket, each morning will be something truly sublime. You can find more on Etsy.

14. Throw pillow

There is no reason to decorate the living room with pillows from a big-box retailer when you can decorate it with one or more matching pillows personalized with a photo, quote, or favorite phrase. These pillows can be ordered in a variety of shades to match a wild or a subtle décor, and they are machine washable.

15. Personalized towels

Plush body towels are always nice when they are warm out of the dryer. However, as the bride steps out of the shower and wraps herself in a personalized towel, she can remember the wedding as well as the honeymoon. In fact, a towel or an entire bath set can be monogramed or stitched with a last name or memorable quote.