12 Refined Ivy League Haircuts to Try This Year

Meta Description: Looking for a haircut that matches aristocratic with elegance and athletic with alluring? Look no further. Ivy League haircuts are all that you want.

12 Ivy League Haircuts for an Alluring Look

If you have been searching for a haircut that blends the nobility with charming, then you can take some rest since you have landed on the right page. Say hi to the Ivy League haircuts. A seamless haircut that has been trending for a couple of years. This haircut is supported by dapper and military guys as well.

Sported by Ivy League college students, Ivy League haircuts is also referred to as Princeton haircuts or sometimes the Harvard clip. Here we will highlight some of the trendiest Ivy league haircuts that you can choose for your style. Learn more here.

1. Curly Ivy League Hairstyle

Guys with curly hair can also rock an outstanding Ivy League haircuts even though those for wavy and straight hair far much outnumber these haircuts. You can be sure that curly hair works perfectly with fine hair.

You can choose to either maintain them short, so they don’t fall on your face or keep them an inch long for an enhanced volume.

2. Ivy League with Clean Cut Beard

When you plan to get an Ivy League hairstyle, make sure you make your specifics known to your barber. In this case, you will hear about vocabularies such as hard part and taper. The former is most common among many barbers, though. Consider including a faded gradient to your haircut and pair it with a clean cut beard.

3. Pompadour Hairstyle

A unique Ivy League hairstyle is all about class and sophistication. Regarding this, there are just minimal haircuts that meet the dapper classics of pompadour.

Therefore, rather than sweeping the hair to the sides, you can opt for a pompadour style.

4. Long Ivy League Haircut

This is a classic example on how you can achieve the best outcome of Ivy League hairdo using long hair. Although it is not so close to the Ivy League range, the side styling of the hair offers a compatible appeal. Regardless of the style variation, you opt for, remember to keep it looking sassy and classy.

5. Undercut Hairstyle

Another feature that is common across all modern Ivy League haircut is the undercut. Though we don’t advise you to go for dramatic undercut if you need a refined look, you can choose to shave the sides and the back to achieve superb contrast with the long top.

6. Shape Up Haircut

Another ivy league haircut for guys with thick hair. Famously known as “shape u” this hairstyle is characterised by upward styling of the hair to the side. It is a suitable style to wear if you have an angular or square-shaped face.

7. Receding Hairline Style

Do you know you can perfectly recede the hairline impeccably if you choose the correct haircut? Well, Ryan Reynolds proves this with no reasonable doubt using Ivy League style thanks to its strategic styling. Your receding hairline will not be so significant while you rock an elegant style.

8. Crew Cut

Typically, an Ivy League hairstyle is just a type of crew cut hairstyle, but with elongated hair. If you know this, you can effortlessly experiment with the idea of a standard crew cut that gives a hint of Ivy League hairstyling. This way, it becomes easier to style Ivy League haircut.

9. Super Short Haircut

If you don’t want a ridiculously long-term maintenance hairstyle, you can consider this super short hairstyle. By choosing this haircut, you will not need to make unnecessary additional investments buying hair products while still rocking a cute and clean look.

10. Spiky Ivy League Style

Though most haircuts in this category emphasise on slicked hair, some appear fantastic with spiked hair. However, this type of hairstyling is recommended for men with shorter hair. The cute temp fade also acts as an attention-seeking aspect.

11. Smooth Comb Over

Perfect styling is an important part of achieving the results you want out of Ivy League hairstyles. There are many techniques available, but if you want a result-oriented method, we recommend you choose classic comb-over for this style.

12. Taper Fade Haircut

Apart from classic fades, Ivy League haircuts work beautifully with taper fade hairstyles. You will rock gradual change from the crown to the shaved hard part.

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