10 Ways To Sport Your Sexy Lingerie And Feel Confident

People have different ways to feel empowered, like the clothes you wear, meditation, working on your career, wearing makeup, or practically anything. One great way to feel gorgeous and empowered is to wear lingerie.

Unfortunately, some people don’t feel confident enough to don intimate wear. But the industry is slowly changing itself to be more inclusive and accepting of different bodies and style preferences. This is because all kinds of lingerie have been made to suit most needs.

  • Picking A Color That Suits You 

When it comes to sexy lingerie or other clothing pieces, color choices could make a huge difference. Certain skin tones pair well with different shades and hues. For instance, using the skin tone color theory is an excellent way for people to find out colors that will suit them well. The same goes with lingerie, as picking the best color for your skin tone could make you glow or flush you out.

  • Wear Any Color or Design You Like 

While picking colors that suit your skin tone is a good suggestion, you’re always free to just choose pieces that you like. Whether you want to wear a strappy neon set, or a peachy shade of fancy lingerie, as long as it makes you happy, it’s worth it.

One thing you could do is to try out new colors or designs that you won’t usually pick out. It’s a great way to be adventurous. And if you don’t like it or if it makes you feel uncomfortable, at least you would know which styles you like the best.

  • Go With Black, White, Or Nude 

When it comes to style, black, white, or nude are timeless. Black could give you a sophisticated elegance and a bit of mystery. On the other hand, white is also elegant and simple and is perfect for brides.

Finally, going with nude colors can look incredibly sensual, but it’s essential to get the right shade of nude for you. Look for brands that are inclusive with the color choices so that you could have fun shopping for any nude lingerie.

  • Match Lace with Delicate Jewelry Pieces 

Even for lingerie, accessorizing with jewelry is a great way to add more texture and excitement. Necklaces and earrings are a great way to bring attention to your neck area. But you don’t have to limit yourself to basic jewelry pieces.

If you’re going for a plainly designed lingerie piece, body jewelry that could drape around your front and back torso could give you a unique effect. Layered necklaces are also lovely ways to add a bit of bling.

  • Pair It with Heels  

To feel even more feminine, using heels with lingerie would be perfect. It allows your legs to look more toned, and it elongates them, too. Most heels work nicely with lingerie, but stilettos and lingerie are classic pairings. If you want to take it up a notch, using tights or stockings helps you add more coverage, style, and layers, too.

  • Wear It for Yourself  

There’s a misconception that wearing lingerie is meant for a significant other. However, while this is a fun idea, it isn’t always the case. Sometimes, wearing lingerie is just something you do for yourself because you want a bit of fun or you genuinely enjoy how lingerie looks and feels.

When you go out, wearing lingerie underneath your clothing won’t be seen by anyone. It’s entirely a treat for yourself that makes you feel more confident and adventurous.

  • Reserve It for Special Occasions 

You could also use lingerie for special occasions if you don’t want to wear it regularly. This is understandable since lingerie isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes, using cotton and plain underwear is just the best choice because it’s cozy. But whenever you feel like it, you could always just put on your favorite lingerie to feel special and sensual.

  • Take Pictures 

To truly engage and commemorate your newfound lingerie confidence, taking pictures is a fantastic idea. You could do it yourself or book a photographer who specializes in it. The important thing is that you’re comfortable, you feel great, and you become more comfortable in your body.

  • Pick Out Materials You Like 

If you’ve tried to shop for lingerie, you’ll realize that they come in different materials. From lace, pleather to faux fur, there’s usually something for every style. You might prefer something more subtle and delicate that could effortlessly drape around your body. You could also try out more figure-hugging ones, like latex.

  • Measure For Precise Sizing 

Just like buying regular undergarments, knowing your size is important so that the lingerie fits you well and comfortably. When you know your precise measurements, look at the size charts of different brands so that you can be sure that they’ll fit you well. This is a crucial step because returning lingerie isn’t always possible for all shops.


Wearing lingerie can make some people feel sexy and confident. But if you’re new to it, you might feel uncomfortable at first. However, picking the right color, size, design, and accessories to go with it could completely change your mood. It could bring out a side of you that’s sensual, seductive, and fearless.