10 Things Brides can do from Home while Preparing for a Wedding

Thinking of how to execute your wedding planning checklist from home? Work effectively with these wedding planning tips.

Wedding planning takes a new turn these days with everyone locked in their home. Many weddings are postponed indefinitely because plans are quite messed up and brides can’t get a grip. However, there are other ways of planning a wedding such as moving your wedding plans online. It’s easier, fun, and there’s a lot that you can achieve in a short time.

Furthermore, working from the comfort of your home helps gives you more time and helps you think better. From gathering ideas to setting up registry and more, you’ll work at your own pace. So if you’re lost on the things to do for a wedding from home, read our wedding planning guide. You’ll be able to plan your dream wedding with minimal hitches.


  1. Get a bridal box subscription

A bridal box subscription is a much needed essential for every bride. It becomes more important when you’re working from home. Working from home means that you likely won’t have a planner, and you’ll that in a bride to be box. The bridal box helps you to efficiently create your wedding prep list while having fun.

Bridal boxes contain loads of wedding ideas planning guides and inspiration. They contain beauty essentials to help you take care of yourself. You’ll also find decor items, marches, and spa essentials to help you relax and more. In essence, bridal boxes will guide you through the wedding planning steps, while helping you stay pampered at the same time.

  1. Scout venues online

Scouting wedding venues online is a beautiful method, especially for destination weddings. At this time when travel is restricted, check online for venues according to your taste, them, guest count, and budget. Save them and book a visit at your convenience. For those who plan to have a safe and intimate wedding on a budget, a wedding at home is best.

  1. Set up a wedding ideas board

All you need is a laptop or a mobile phone. From the comfort of your home, you can browse all about weddings. Set up an ideas board on Pinterest or your personal notes. Get inspiration for your hair, makeup, attire, cake, decor, theme, and more. This way you have a clear vision, and you’ll work in that direction.

  1. Build a wedding registry

It’s very nice seeing the things you need and pointing scanner guns at them. But it’s even more interesting setting up a wedding registry from your home. You can go through more options without thinking about the time. You will also be very detailed about the things you want, whether they’re items, donations, or experiences. This will help you build a registry that you love.

  1. Create a wedding website

The worst kind of distraction is from the guests. They want to get status reports on your wedding preparation. So avail them with your wedding website where you’ve updated everything. This will include your wedding date, venues if any, wedding registry, pictures, and more. Guests will go there to get all the information that they need.

  1. Draw up a master checklist

Your time at home is when to draw up the ultimate wedding checklist. You have your budget decided, your choice of attire, food, hair, makeup, and everything else. So draw up a master wedding details list and allot time and money to them. This will help you work from an informed angle.

  1. Shop sustainably

Shopping sustainably is safe, less stressful, and more comfortable. Shop locally for your vendors. Cakes from the local bakery, flowers from the local horticulturist, attire, and accessories from the local boutique, etc. Ring them, browse through their catalogs, and have the items brought to your home. If you can’t get them locally, shop online, and have them shipped to you.

  1. Take out time to write your vows and invitation wordings

Planning your wedding from home means that things will get personal. So a way to leave your touch is by coming with original words for your vows and wedding invites. You can get inspired by other vows and invites, but writing from your heart is better. Planning from home eliminates the rush and indecision. Do this with your partner to ensure that you’re on the same page. Edit to perfection and save them.

  1. Get hands-on

This is another way for DIY brides to personalize their weddings. Take on projects that you’re perfect at and spend all the time you need. You can make your wedding invites and thank you cards, welcome tote bags, design treasure baskets, favors, and more. You can order all the materials you need on Etsy or Amazon. You may also create them in 3D and forward the files to the experts.

  1. Spend quality time with your partner

Forever begins when you accepted your partner’s proposal. The period at home should be a time to bond with your partner. Discuss the wedding, future, hopes, and dreams. Goof around, relax, and have a good time.


Wedding planning stressful, but the stress becomes minimal when you know what to do. Don’t abandon your wedding plans because you’re at home. Follow our wedding planning guide to see how much you can achieve from the comfort of your home. We’ve got you covered.