10 Flower Species that Will Bring a Boring Garden to Life

One has not known the joy of what it is to have a garden until they have enjoyed seeing their flowers bloom. The gentle hum of bees, the sweet swoop of a butterfly, and the candid extravagance of the pallet of colors that flowers bring to a garden are sensational. Allow us to suggest 10 of the most classic tried and tested flower species which will liven up any dull old garden:

1.The Grandiflora Rose

Growing roses in your garden are not as challenging as some people make it out to be; there are only particular hybrid species that may require special attention. However, we have strongly suggested the Grandiflora Rose as it is a highly fragrant rose that allows you to delight in its smell as well as its gorgeous blooms. The Grandiflora Rose is available in a wide variety of colors, including two-tone, crimson red, peach, lilac, white, pink, yellow, and requires full sun, moist (not soggy) nutritious soil, and reaches a height of 6 feet once fully grown.

2. The Tropical Hibiscus

These are an exotic statement piece in any garden, as the flowers are rather large and sport a beautiful bright coloration which ranges from white to red, orange, peach, yellow, pink or even purple. The more sun you can give the hibiscus, the bigger and more plentiful the blooms will be, also the color of the flower changes as the plant matures. These plants do not require much care in the form of pruning but do enjoy moist, well-drained soil that is slightly acidic and can grow 7 feet tall.

3. The Oriental Poppy

These are ancient plants as they were being grown by gardeners up to 3000 years ago, and we see entirely why; they last for many years and do not require much care after being planted. The most popular red-orange petal color is a beautiful splash of color to any dull garden. However, there is a wide range of colors to choose from as breeders are creating more diversity.


The Oriental Poppy likes to be fed in spring, have full sun and highly acidic, soggy soil, and reach a height of two to four inches tall.

4. The Lush Fuchsia

These world-renowned garden shrubs offer flowers in combinations of every shade imaginable, with foliage that varies from variegation, upright, bushy, or trailing, which make them pretty in pots, hanging baskets or as standards. We suggest that you plant your Fuchsia in a well-drained pot that you can move indoors to protect them from frost by moving them indoors in winter and place them in cool shade in summer.

5.The Resilient Tickseed

We chose this plant because of its long blooming period and soil adaptability. Butterflies and bees are attracted to this flower’s delicious nectar, and birds like them for their seeds too. The flower colors are also available in a variety of colors. The Tickseed loves full sun and any well-drained soil.

6. The Loving Lavender

This English Herb garden staple is not only available in blue-purple or lilac, but also white! The relaxing fragrance of this flower is guaranteed to soothe the mind while adding a reviving dash of purple to your garden. lavender enjoys full sun, soil with good drainage, and pruning during the springtime.

7. The Winter Aconite

The Winter Aconite are known for their lovely buttercup blooms, which peak through the snow, signaling that spring is on its way. They are no more than an inch across and grow to be two to three inches tall, and prefer to be left alone to spread and grow in fertile, well-drained soil, full sun or part shade.

8.The Gorgeous Foxglove

These plant sports clusters of tubular-shaped blooms that can reach 6 feet tall, various breeds offer color combinations that extend beyond the standard pink, yellow, white, red, and lavender. Still, they feature refreshing creamy to pale brown flowers with darker interior veining.


Another interesting fact about the Foxglove is that hummingbirds are attracted to this flower’s nectar. The plant itself adores partial shade to full sun, well-drained, well-fed soil and careful protection from insects and parasites.

9. The Bearded Iris

Adding Irises to your garden will liven it up thanks to their limitless color palette, which features colors from almost black to warm autumnal shades. These flowers bloom in spring and early summer and are rather easy to cultivate if given neutral or alkaline soil that is well-drained and full sun and can grow from 16 to 27 inches in height.

10. The Elegant Azalea

These evergreen tall (20 feet) bushes make for the perfect garden decoration as they are so versatile; even their petal shapes differ from breed to breed. Their flower color palette consists of either solid colorations or combinations of pink, white, lilac, orange, red, peach, and soft yellow.

The Azalea is a bush that adds a delightful sweet smell to your garden, as well as pleasant foliage when not in flower. The Azalea prefers partial shade, does best in slightly acidic, mulched, humus-rich well-drained soil, it does not like much wind.