10 Coats Every Toddler Girl Should Have in Their Wardrobe

Winter coats are an essential part of every little girl’s wardrobe. The key to finding a great toddler girl winter coat is getting something that not only keeps your kid warm but also provides protection against rain and snow. As this year’s styles have already hit the shop floor, now’s the perfect time to look for the best winter coats for your little girl. So, here are the top 10 styles of coats every toddler girl should have in their wardrobe this season.

The Camel Coat

Made in the early ’80s, camel coats have been known as classic winter outwear for many good reasons. This type of coat never dates and suits pretty much every hair and skin tone. All of that makes it a must-have item for every girl this winter.

Simply mix up your toddler’s camel coat with her everyday roll neck and dark-color jeans for a luxe and stylish look. Plus, it is also great to accessorize. As practical as it is fashionable, toddler girl camel coats can be belted to add shape for a fitted look or left open to reveal your daughter’s stylish outfit underneath.

Classic Trench Coat

Versatile, comfortable, and perennially stylish, trench coats are one of the essential winter wear that your toddler girl’s wardrobe cannot miss! It’s lightweight and usually made of water-proof cotton, leather, or poplin. With a timeless design that is perfect for cold seasons, your daughter can layer it over her summer dresses during early autumn.

For winter, pair the trench with a cozy sweater, pants, boots, and she is ready to go out in style! Opt for a neutral shade such as black, grey, or beige so you can easily match your daughter’s trench coat with every of her existing winter clothes.

The Blazer

A perfect fit blazer never fails to make casual outfits look classier! Even in the colder months, it is still a great piece to keep your kid warm and cozy while also teaming up with jeans and sweatshirts for a modern and stylish look. You should look for styles that sit well across your daughter’s shoulders. Also, make sure the sleeves are not too long in order to avoid appearing swamped. Classic navy, black, grey, and white are some of the trendiest color options this year.

Puffer Coats

When temperatures drop, keeping your little girl cozy enough for winter must be your first priority. And, for that, nothing can’t beat a toddler puffer coat. Considered as one of the warmest winter coats, puffer coats now come in sleek silhouettes and stylish colorways, making them so easy to keep your child toasty and looking chic at the same time.

The key to finding a good puffer for your toddler girl is to look for slim-line styles which don’t add too much bulk. Also, it’s worth considering a belted design for a more flattering shape. Even though it can’t be that stylish like the above options, a toddler girl puffer coat is still cute enough for special occasions as well as during weekend outings.

Overcoat for Winter

For an instantly polished look for your little princess, there is nothing better than a sharp, tailored overcoat. Taking inspiration from classic menswear, the overcoat’s long-line style has been a stylish choice for girls for decades.

To create a great combination of casual and formal wear, make sure to go for natural materials like wool or cotton for extra warmth and durability. While the single-breasted styles are flattering and easy to pair with other clothes, the double-breasted versions will suit better for taller builds. But, no matter what style you choose for her, your toddler girl can wear this overcoat just as effortlessly with a T-shirt.

Toddler Girl Parka

Parka is now a hero of the off-duty wardrobe for both adults and children. The beauty of these winter coats lie in their super warmth and ability to keep rain and snow away.

Choose a style with a hood (stylish faux fur trim is a great addition) to make sure that your daughter is well protected. Besides, parkas usually have large pockets, meaning that your toddler girl can carry her accessories or even her favorite toys if needed.

The Textured Coat

Textured coats tick all the boxes while offering both coziness and a fun look for any girl this winter. Having been chosen as one of the best winter coat trends on the catwalks for many seasons, it is totally worth investing in one of these fuzzy textured coats for your little girl this season.

Plus, it can also be layered under a larger coat through winter for extra warmth without making your kid feel uncomfortable. And, when it comes to finding the perfect textured coat, look for lightweight and warm styles in cotton or wool. Additionally, a high neck design will make for a more stylish relaxed look when zipped up.

Shearling Coat

We are seeing a ton of shearling and sherpa all over the place this winter. It seems like parents just love the shearling’s faux fur design since it provides a casual and cozy look that’s unlike any other coat for their kids. Our favorite items within this trend are shearling lined faux-leather jackets and the all-over teddy coat. Even better, as much as this is trending right now, the shearing coats are also one of the most practical styles for kids because of their great insulation.

Leather Coat

Leather jackets have long been regarded as a trans-seasonal wardrobe staple, especially for girls. Even though they tend to come with a high price point, it’s sensible to invest in a premium style that will pair easily with your toddler’s winter clothes and can even get better with age. Also, you should opt for longer styles since they offer more coverage for extra warmth and are more stylish.

Which types of toddler girl coats will you be stocking up on this winter? Let us know about it in the comments!