Music and Theatrical Events in Colossal Library of Kadokawa Culture Museum

This is not just a library but a cultural gathering space in the heart of the Kadokawa Culture Museum. Photos taken by Ryosuke Kosuge perfectly capture the enormous library from the inside and the entire Museum from the outside as well as the forest next to it that is also a part of great manifestations. Designed by architect Kengo Kuma, more than 50,000 books are held on these uniquely positioned wooden shelves. Located in Tokorozawa Sakura Town, the museum had already hosted many events, both musical and theatrical. The library’s metal walkways and colossal shelves are a perfect backdrop, while the forest next to the museum becomes candy-colored magic-land with a help of projection mapping technology and embedded screens.

More info: Drone tour, Kadokawa Instagram, Architect Kengo Kuma, Photographer Ryosuke Kosuge.


Photo credits: Kadokawa Culture Museum

Massive library in the center of the Kadokawa Culture Museum

Forrest next to the museum turned into magic-land with a help of projection mapping technology and embedded screens

The museum often holds musical and theatrical manifestations

These colossal shelves and metal walkways serve perfectly as the backdrop

But then in the end, after a certain event is finished, the library is still there for book lovers to enjoy

Designed by architect Kengo Kuma

More than 50,000 books archived!

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