Your Wedding Vendor Tipping Cheat Sheet

Your Wedding Vendor Tipping Cheat Sheet

Tips and gratuities are not mandatory but one of the best ways to show how you appreciate your service providers. However, it can be a hard nut to crack if the couple is already straining with their budget particularly if they are using aid from parents and friends. Now that some service providers from free wedding vendors directory will require some tips and gratuities, the insights below will be of assistance.

The Wedding Planner
Being the overall organizer of the success of your event, they do not expect any tip as they take a percentage of the total budget. However, it is worth it to offer an appreciation especially if their services are beyond your expectations. Anything around 10 percent of their charge or a gift will work well for them. You can choose to give it to them at the end of the reception or right after your honeymoon.

Tipping the Caterers
Some contracts include the gratuity while others do not. Therefore, it is good to be sure before you give the 15 percent recommended tip. Alternatively, you can tip the service providers individually by giving anything between USD 20 to 100 per person.

Video and Photography Crew
Traditionally, those who own the studio should not be tipped. Further, the couple should not tip if the gratuity is included in the payments. However, the shooting crew on contract can be given a note of USD 50 each to show your appreciation for the good work they have done for you. Remember, these service providers are only halfway done with your work at the end of your party, and giving them a tip will make sure that they complete good work for you.

The Officiating Minister
In many cases, they will reject an offer to tip them. However, a USD 100 tip will be great given either directly to them or the institution they serve like the church, mosque or synagogue. They provide a crucial role of officiating over your ceremony, and their tip should also be decent. Some people prefer to give them the gratuity after the wedding especially if they offered the service for free.

Reception Staff
The service staff in this area must not be tipped since they include a service charge on their bill. However, it is good to appreciate them when they do good work. Sometimes, they may be forced to extend the allocated hours if the schedule runs late. You can tip each of them with a USD 20 to 50 depending on how impressive they are or how your pockets are.

The Entertainers
They include the musicians, band and the DJ. The rule of thumb dictates that you offer them some tip of about 10 percent of their total charges if they do not include a service charge. However, you can also tip them individually if there are not many of them. In this case, you can give USD 20 to 50.

Tipping and gratuities are a sign of appreciation and not something that should make you leave holes in your pockets. When the finances do not allow, do not panic or take out loans for tipping.

Your Wedding Vendor Tipping Cheat Sheet

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