Ways of Calming Your Aggressive Dog

Ways of Calming Your Aggressive Dog

Aggression in dogs is a complicated issue to handle if you are not a skilled dog expert. It takes dedication and time, but this does not mean it’s an impossible feat. Aggression refers to different behaviors that occur for various reasons in varying circumstances such as sickness, which can be cured by different solutions including CBD oils for dogs that are suffering from anxiety.

Some behaviors in dogs that show aggressiveness include warnings that could also culminate in attacks. If your dog becomes very rigid and still, does a guttural bark that is threatening, growls, and even bites, you should find a way to retrain it because this is behavior that indicates aggressiveness.

Here are some ways you can calm your aggressive dog:
Behavioral Modification
The first step in calming an aggressive dog is changing its behavior in a process referred to as behavior modification. You could change how your dog responds to some situations. You can hire a behavior trainer for your dog, but this should not mean you cannot do it yourself.

Start by teaching the dog some commands like sit, come or stay. Teaching your dog creates the foundation of obedience training, which helps the dog to prepare for targeted training that could eventually get rid of aggression.

Once you are done with the targeted behavior modification, you can then proceed to help the dog to reduce levels of anxiety and stress. In turn, this will help the dog to adopt self-control. Before you start modifying the behavior of your dog, remember not to push too quickly and only adopt a learning pace that is ideal for the pet.
Environmental Modification
Changing the behavior of your dog is just one step. It’s also essential to consider adjusting to the environment in which your dog spends time. Sometimes it could be something simple like changing their diet, or perhaps you might need to reroute the path you take with the dog to avoid bumping into other aggressive dogs.

Slowly introduce the dog to guests to make it used to stay around people. Sometimes the dog will respond aggressively to new faces, so you should also ensure you don’t keep your dog isolated from interacting with people.
In many cases, the cause for aggression stems from conditions like stress and anxiety. Veterinarians will prescribe drugs that are suitable for dogs that show aggressiveness, so you can also get your dog to benefit. The challenge that comes with medication is that it tends to convince many dog owners that it is enough to cure aggressiveness, and so many people don’t take responsibility to help in modifying the behavior of the dogs. Medications will not work by themselves unless you also take part in helping your dog to be calm.

Your dog should not stay aggressive because this is a recipe for disaster. It puts you a liability in the event the dog injures someone due to its behavioral change. Use these guidelines to soothe your aggressive dog to make it friendly and sociable. You can modify the behavior of your dog to ensure it does not pose a threat to visitors and neighbors. Take action immediately you spot signs of aggressiveness because it’s easier to retrain the dog when the condition has not been normalized.

Ways of Calming Your Aggressive Dog

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