UrbanClap found me a Wedding Photographer when no one else could

UrbanClap found me a Wedding Photographer when no one else could

Delhi is famous for two things during the winter season. One is the strong winter chilly breeze during night time and other is the huge number of Wedding functions happening across the city throughout the season. Winter has long been the season of Weddings in the place and it was no different for our family. After all, it was my elder brother who was getting married. Ask anyone about how Weddings are in Delhi and you will most likely get similar answers from everyone like weddings in Delhi are fun, exciting, lots of entertainment and a cool breeze. The wedding preparations at our home started more than a month before the actual wedding day and there were a lot of things that need to be done.

As my father, mother and elder brother all were working with firms and organizations, the onus for making most of the arrangements for the Wedding fell onto my shoulders. There was a lot of work to be done. From deciding on the venue, making guest list, renovating the house, arranging pre-wedding rituals and functions to deciding upon the wedding card design other than arranging everything for the wedding day was pending. While it was a fun experience arranging these things, I was under a lot of pressure as well as I was in-charge of everything at the wedding. I needed to ensure everything goes well.

Days passed very quickly and the wedding day was nearly upon us. I was on top of things. Everything was under control and I had done all the work that I needed to do. Or at least that’s what I thought. It was just two days before the wedding day that I was searching my phone for the contact number of a Wedding Photographer in Delhi which I booked when I realized that I hadn’t booked one. I messed things up and I couldn’t have talked about my mistake to my parents at all as they were depending upon me to do the work. I needed to do something and it had to be done quickly.

UrbanClap ensured I got the best Wedding Photographer for the Wedding
The whole wedding function was under my control before I realized I messed up things. I needed to search for a Wedding Photographer in Delhi as quickly as I could. I tried calling people all across the city but to no avail. No photographer was ready to accept the service at such short notice. Most of them didn’t have booking available on for the wedding day while the ones who were available, their work was not upto the mark I was expecting. As they say, desperate times call for desperate measures. I kept frantically searching for a Wedding Photographer when I remembered my friend once told me about a platform which helped us to get in touch with service providers easily. It was UrbanClap. I must confess that I have never ever used UrbanClap before in my life and I was hesitant to do so now. But there was no option left for me now.

I installed the UrbanClap app on my smartphone, made a profile and logged into their platform. I tried searching for Wedding Photographers on UrbanClap and was amazed to see a huge number of responses to my enquiry. The number of responses was way more than what I had ever imagined. All I needed to do was to contact them and fix everything up. Sounds Easy? It wasn’t though. The sheer number of results meant that I couldn’t talk to all of them in such short time. I decided to shortlist a few of them depending upon their previous work and how people have rated them over time. After spending some time on making the shortlist, I was finally happy with my options and decided to contact them straightaway. I texted all these people, asking for their availability and quoted prices for the day. While I didn’t expect any responses in next to no time, it was surprising to see that most of them reverted back to me inside a couple of hours. Now, I only needed to sort out the best one for us among them.

What seemed to a difficult task at the beginning turned out to be unexpectedly an easy one. Soon I was in contact with most of them and zeroed down to the one Wedding Photographer that I was sure would do a great job covering the whole wedding function. As there was no time left for the function, I invited the person over to my house and talked over the formalities and his price. The deal was finally fixed and he would be returning tomorrow to visit the venue with me before bringing his team on the wedding day the next day.

Why UrbanClap is the best fit for you out there?
I had never used UrbanClap all my life. I have heard my friends talking lengths about how good the app and their platform but I never felt the need to make use of their services. However, this was the time I needed to use UrbanClap because of my lack of options and their platform didn’t disappoint at all. I was able to get the best Wedding Photographer in Delhi for my brother’s wedding through their help without facing any problems.

All what was required from me was to install their app on my smartphone, create an account and profile on their platform and search for the services I need help for. It was easy searching for a Wedding photographer on their platform and the more we talked and discussed about how to plan for the wedding, I realized he was the best option available to us.

How to make sure that you have the Wedding Photographer through UrbanClap?
UrbanClap is one of the best platforms that you should visit if you are looking for any service provider to help you. They ensure that you don’t have to move out of the comfort out of your home to search for service providers. Instead, you can easily get them on your smartphone via their platform. UrbanClap makes sure that the communication gap between the people requesting service and their providers is as low as possible. UrbanClap also provides you with a number of filter options on the search results which ensures that you can easily use the best available service provider for you from the numerous available on their platform.

I am thankful to Mr. Sagar Kumar and the rest of his crew from Kumar Photography Studio who helped us in covering the whole Wedding. The quality and editing of pictures and videos we received post-marriage are beyond our wildest expectations. There are no words available to describe their efforts throughout the wedding function to ensure everyone looked good. I would like to recommend Mr. Sagar Kumar for anyone looking for the best Wedding Photographer in Delhi. The event wouldn’t look that great without their help and cooperation at such short notice. Also, I would like to thank UrbanClap for providing us with a wonderful platform where we are able to get in touch with numerous service providers like Mr. Sagar Kumar.

UrbanClap found me a Wedding Photographer when no one else could

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