Ultimate Home Moving Checklist

Ultimate Home Moving Checklist

Moving to a new home is stressful. You have to pack your belongings and take them to an entirely new place which still doesn’t feel like home. You might forget things along the way or break expensive valuables if you aren’t careful. How do you prepare for a move without getting stressed or overwhelmed? Experienced Brisbane moving company Platinum Furniture Removals shares the ultimate home moving checklist so you can make sure you have everything ready to go before the big day!

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1 Month Before Your Move
We’ve all been victims of last-minute packing. Maybe you lost track of time before a big trip and ended up packing your stuff the night before. When this happens, mistakes happen. It’s easy to lose track of important things or skip steps if you aren’t careful. That’s why your moving prep shouldn’t all take place immediately before the move! You should begin preparing at least a month before the move! Here’s what you should do before that 1-month mark!

Talk to a Moving Company
Are you using a moving company for your move? If so, you should schedule an in-home estimate to get an understanding of how much you should expect to pay your professionals. An in-home estimate is also a great chance to discuss any concerns about your move with an expert.

Get Organized
When you’re moving files and boxes, it’s hard to keep track of the important things. Create a file on your computer just for moving! Include receipts, quotes, and important records so you can keep everything safe in a secure location you can’t lose.

Donations or Garage Sale
At the 1 month mark is also the perfect time to begin donating and getting rid of things you no longer use. Don’t bother packing your old clothes that you wear anymore! You might also want to sell old furniture to replace outdated pieces with new selections! Host a garage sale or sell on an online local platform like Facebook Marketplace.

Ultimate Home Moving ChecklistImage via Unsplash

3 Weeks Before Your Move
The countdown begins! Now that your move is only a few weeks away, it’s time to get serious about your packing. When packing, start with the things you use least often and work your way up to most common. Do you have storage you only use once a year or a guest bedroom that’s sitting empty? These are prime places to start with your packing!

Collect Boxes and Bins
Start collecting boxes and bins whenever you can to store valuables. You can recycle old boxes from work or purchase some from any supply store. Are you eco-conscious and want something more durable? A lot of cities now offer bin rental services so you can rent reusable plastic bins for your moving storage.

Label Boxes Clearly
When packing, be sure to label your boxes very clearly. Include two separate labels, one with the room it belongs in and the next with what’s inside. Having the room name clearly printed on the box will make it easier for your movers to bring the boxes to the right room without needing additional help!
The Week of Your Move
It’s officially almost moving day! It’s time to get serious about packing and preparing if you haven’t already! This is the most stressful part of any move but try to stay positive. In just a few days you’ll be settled into your new home! Focus on the excitement and keeping up with your checklist.

Pack an Essentials Box
This essentials box should be packed last and it should include the things you’ll need immediately upon moving to your new home. In the first 24-hours after moving, you won’t be able to locate everyday essentials so you should have them set aside in a clear way. Include things like overnight toiletries, a fresh change of clothes, and even plastic utensils for eating!

Bring Cleaning Supplies
Also include a small container of cleaning supplies. When you first get to your new home, you’ll want to clean the place to get started on the right foot. With movers coming in and out all day, it’s understandable to need to clean before you begin unpacking. Bring an all-purpose cleaner, mop, and vacuum to tidy up!

Move with Ease
Moving is stressful no matter how prepared you are! These steps above in this ultimate checklist make it easy to stay on top of all your tasks as you move from one house to the next. Even if you aren’t moving far, you should still do your best to make the transition easy. So, best of luck with your move!

Ultimate Home Moving Checklist

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