Top 6 Creative and Affordable Home Decorating Ideas

Top 6 Creative and Affordable Home Decorating Ideas

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve”. The quote from Napoleon Hill inspires every homeowner who wants to decorate his homes. A big budget is a concern for everyone but imagination is not. For a soothing and beautiful ambiance for your home, you just need creativity and a rationale to use up space. Over the years, people accumulate so many items and that finally ends up in the storeroom or in a dustbin. We are having six different ideas that can be utilized to spruce up your home décor

1) Centre of interest– When someone enters the room, the eyes look for something that grabs attention. Charts-papers or wallpapers are the examples that can do the job. You just need to be imaginative enough to cut and design the area in such a way that it forms symmetry. Most of the homes have television as the main focal point but the wall behind that can be the area of interest as well. Play with different colors of paper and come up with something that goes well with the décor of the surrounding walls. Do consider the location of lighting!

2) Memories are a souvenir– Due to the influence of cosmopolitan culture in work and ethics that is getting perpetrated to IT cities like Bangalore, you must have got the best cakes in Bangalore on your special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. The item accompanied by cake-like cakebox, half-burnt candles and knife can be of great use. The proper decoration of these items on shelves will remind you that you are the happiest person and you have celebrated the life in a much larger way. These items get a lot of attention to the visitor. Memories are the indispensable part of the life and if they get a place in the daily routine of your life-this can be the best thing for many.

3) Repetition is the key to remembrance– Pairs attracts the eyes and similar designs items always a delight to watch. Two chairs of same designs can be arranged in such a symmetrical way that it looks in order. The different colors and patterns of the cushions are very helpful in making the room interesting. Everyone like a new and vibrant look and wants their home to be a place where the enjoyment seems to be at Acme.

4) Environment-Friendly Options– Plants are one the best selling gifts that are sent on Diwali these days and they can be the mode of going through the greener way. Being greener is the new trend of being elite. Green is the symbol of peace and equality and gives a serenading touch to the home. If you want your home to be filled with tranquility, plants are one of the most affordable options available. The other items that add to the scenic beauty of the home are tiny shells, stones, sea rocks etc.

5) Diwali Gifts– Have you received showpieces or idols as Diwali gifts? If yes, then this is the best way to decorate your home. You might have thought about it but placing it at the proper location on the shelf just makes the room visually interesting. The designs and carving on the idols are intentional and deliberate and so the effects of these are evinced with a great show.

6) Framed Photos– Individuality is getting prominent aspect these days like photos of your trips, memories and most celebrated moments finds a special place in the life of the person. They reminisce

the days and take pride in narrating the stories. The photos on the walls enhance the overall perspective of the person. The different narrative defines the personality of the home.

Top 6 Creative and Affordable Home Decorating Ideas

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