Top 10 Part-time Jobs for College Students

Top 10 Part-time Jobs for College Students

Top 10 Part time Jobs for College Students

Everyone wants to make more money, at least to take care of things like utility bills and other expenditures at the end of the month. The question is; what about that student who struggles to make ends meet?

This post will explore top ten part-time jobs for a college student looking for opportunities that will bring in extra bucks into the pocket. But before digging up the options, here is a quick run through some of the things every learner must know before getting hired.

School-work life balance is no mean feat
Your hands may be itching for more money, but how is going out to work going to impact on one’s academic progress? The truth is; making money might sound quite easy, especially after landing a work-study program or even online jobs for college students at home, but not when you have to combine it with demanding studies.

Having lots of assignments to do, and at the same time rushing to beat traffic can be painstakingly difficult. It is either education suffers or you keep getting at loggerheads with your boss for arriving at the workplace late most times of the week. Thus, it is imperative that before making such a decision as looking for a job to foot a student’s bills such as paying professional essays writers, these tips for balancing school-work will help anyone go a long way in realizing success.

Factors to consider before landing a job while still studying
In view of the challenges that a student looking for a job is likely to face after an opportunity comes knocking, a look at top considerations to make before giving it a go-ahead should take precedence over everything. Well, the following should thus guide any learner is who are interested in flexible jobs for students:

Location matters because working far away from your college are not going to be the best idea.
How is your schedule? Breaks between lessons are always a perfect chance for doing hourly jobs. Check out top online freelance marketplaces for opportunities that will fit well into your academic calendar.

Will the pay meet your needs? While most students will be tempted to settle for anything provided there is extra money in the pocket, there are lots of best paying part-time jobs for students these days.

Do you have the experience? The intention here is to make money while still in school, but what about experience needed for the job in question? It is an important factor to consider, or one might end up spending lots of time learning something new at the expense of classroom hours.

Career relevance. Working during school days can be quite tricky, especially when looking for opportunities that fit into one’s career goals. However, summer jobs for students tend to meet this search criterion most of the times.

Top 10 Part time Jobs for College Students

Top jobs for college students
Here are some of the readily available work opportunities for students:

1. Customer service
Whether it is working in a bookshop or a hotel over the weekend or during class breaks, customer service job is student-friendly.

2. Photography
If you have a camera, you can try to sell your services as a freelance photographer. Now come to think about it. Making money during campus weekends by simply taking pictures of students? That’s easy and quick money, right?

3. Front desk support at a fitness center (or somewhere else)
You only need to be good at keeping records of those who visit a fitness center to start making money as a student. Experience in this kind of job is never that important.

4. Freelance writing
Millions of people making money online as freelance writers are made up of students. You only need to start creating a freelance account and write for extra bucks. Here is a list of some of the top freelance marketplaces you should check out.

5. Sell ice-cream
Out-of-school hours provide one with a perfect opportunity to scoop ice creams at a local cafeteria. It is a thrilling job requiring no experience.

6. Sales associate
You wouldn’t want to imagine how much you will be making working as a sales associate in a food shop, but, it is one of those jobs a student needs to pay custom writers.

7. Make and sell juice/Smoothie
It won’t cost much buying a juice blender or a smoothie maker. Joy comes when you starting making in school from your little gadget.

8. Cashier jobs
There are convenient stores everywhere. And for a student who is need of extra cash, working as a cashier in these places wouldn’t be a bad idea.

9. Blogging
The rate at which people are creating and owning blogs keeps rising, but did you know you can make money blogging? Well, there are plentiful expert tips on the web on how to go about it, and for a student, it can be a cash cow.

10. Design graphics
While advanced graphic design requires professional knowledge, any student can learn simple graphics such as how to design posters, logos, T-shirts and start making money out of something more of a hobby than a job. If drawing is your thing, you can transform it into a well-paid career.

Top 10 Part time Jobs for College Students

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