Timber - Flooring that is Made to Last

Timber – Flooring that is Made to Last

There is a very wide option available today when it comes to flooring, each with their own individual plus and minus points, some with great aesthetics, or ease of cleaning, while some look great and last pretty much forever. Individual people will each make their own personal choice, based around their personal circumstances, location and what suits their particular home, but one option that has been around a very long time, doesn’t appear to be losing any ground to the newer offerings, and that is the timber floor. The reasons for its continued popularity is fairly easy to see. Pretty much every estate agent out there will tell you that a nice timber floor, will add more value to your house than it cost you to have it installed, and unlike a carpet, is not going to need to be replaced after a few years.

The Key Benefits
Wooden floors are very reasonably priced, and given the amount of time they last, often the lifetime of the house itself, possibly the best possible value for money of any flooring product. In Australia, where the timber industry is very environmentally aware and responsible, all timbers come from plantations or carefully managed forests, which are totally sustainable, so it is a wholly renewable resource. Hygienically, they are very simple to keep clean and do not attract dust, mites or mould, which can worsen allergies and create potential health problems. They are extremely easy to maintain, with regular sweeping and a very occasional sanding and polishing. Aesthetically timber flooring is tough to beat, as natural wood has a beauty that artificial products just can’t seem to beat, and each different wood has its own characteristics.

The Range of Options
Deciding upon a timber floor is the easy part, while choosing which wood is where it starts to get a little bit complicated. As with all organic materials, each different species of wood has its own particular character, colour, hardness and type of grain. Even two logs from the same species can look completely different, which is where grading comes in. Grading goes from “rustic”, or character grade, where you can expect to see knots and colour variation, through the “natural grade,” which is a little more uniform in colour and with less knots, to the top grade, known as “select” or first grade, which is the best, but obviously a little more expensive. Additionally, you need to choose between “unfinished,” which needs to be sanded and stained at the work site, which is not a speedy process, or “finished”, which is faster to install, more popular, but again, more expensive.

There are many different species of trees used in timber flooring, with each having differences in colour, hardness and durability of the wood. It is actually well worth educating yourself a little on the various different varieties, as it will help ensure you understand what it is that you are buying, which means you are more likely to be happy with the finished product. Your local timber flooring supplier, will be happy to give you all the help and advice you need to help you to make the right decision, for a beautiful floor that will last as long as the house. 

Timber   Flooring that is Made to Last

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