The Best Ways to Save for Your Wedding

The Best Ways to Save for Your Wedding

For many people, their wedding day is their dream come true, and something they have been wishing for since being a young child. This means that it must be a special occasion that reflects the love and personalities of the two people getting married. However, with so many wedding ideals costing more than you’d expect, it can be hard to fund the wedding you truly want. This means there are often sacrifices that people must make that they shouldn’t have to. To ensure you can follow all your wedding ideas, it’s wise to take note of some of the best ways you can save for your wedding.

Start budgeting your weekly shops

You may not have to worry about putting a budget on your usual weekly shops, but saving just a few pounds every week can help you form a hefty sum that you can put towards your wedding. To help you meet this budget, you should sit down at the start of every week with your partner and make a list of all the items you need, the luxuries you usually indulge in, and anything you can save on. This could be through using a cheaper brand, or by cutting it out entirely. Luckily, there are lots of savvy meal ideas you can use to help.

Stop bad spending habits 

Budgeting is the first step to controlling bad spending habits, especially those that eat into your bank account each month. Yet, it could be a better idea to set a separate budget for clothing and treats, as the spending for this often slips under the radar to surprise you at the end of the month. It can be hard to cut back spending on doing what you love, but there are some alternatives that are just as good. For example, you can save on your gym membership by following free home workout ideas from your garden or living space, or you can mimic the effects of a spa by investing in some essential oils and a diffuser.

Follow savings plans

Sometimes, the money that people save doesn’t come from budgeting their essentials. In fact, there are numerous nifty savings plans you can follow that will ensure you have more money to put in the wedding pot. From simple penny saving to putting some money away in a bond for some time, you can try traditional methods, or those endorsed by your bank. One of the most popular savings plans people use is collecting all their spare change to put into an unopenable jar. At the end of a few months, you can take this change to be exchanged for vouchers or money at local checkpoints.

Take out a loan

Although some people can still rely on money from their parents to help them fund a wedding, times are changing for most. They may be able to pay for some of the decoration, but to have enough money to cover the whole event, you can resort to taking out a loan. You can take out a loan from your bank or online lenders, but you should be careful about who you do this with. A safer, more popular option is switching to cheaper logbook loans, as the only thing you stand to lose if you don’t pay it back in time if your car, rather than a lump sum. The interest rates and payment schedules are also often much more flexible than with usual loans if you go with the right company.

Try investing 

When people hear of investing, they often switch off. This is because it is widely accepted that investing is for big business owners and finance gurus. This is a myth that is slowly being debunked, as there are many tips online that first-time investors can follow to ensure a good return on their money. Not only this, but you don’t have to start trading and investing with huge sums of money, as there are easy to use apps you can download onto your phone that let you invest from as little as a pound. Before you go into investing, it’s a good idea to set a budget, so you aren’t investing too much away from your wedding fund. When you get a return, you can put this into your wedding savings.

Sell unwanted items online

Online vendors like eBay have always been the first port of call for people hoping to sell their unwanted items. Though this is great for vintage items, there are some other simple sites you can use to sell your other goods. For example, Depop is a good one to use from your mobile device for clothing, as you can have your item uploaded within a few seconds. If you are hoping to sell handmade crafts, then Etsy is your best option. For larger goods, Facebook local is perfect. It may take longer to make a sale than you hope, but it can be a much-needed helping hand to your wedding fund.

You will notice from visiting some weddings that people will pay lots of money for a more rustic feel. Not only can you save money by purchasing vintage, second-hand goods, but you could even try making some of the decoration yourself if you have time. If you are swamped by your job, there is nothing to suggest you can’t ask friends and family for help. If you know a good hairdresser, ask them to do your wedding hair for free as your wedding gift; if you know someone who makes great cakes, they could make your wedding cake.

Have your next holiday at home

Among the many luxuries couples cut down on are holidays, and some people forego them altogether when they are serious about saving. Holidays are vital when you are stressing about your wedding, as they give you and your partner some quality time, as well as time to relax. Instead of skimping out on your yearly trip, it’s better to have a staycation. This way, you save money on flights and upmarket resorts to put towards our wedding, but you can still experience the benefits of a holiday without the worry.

The Best Ways to Save for Your Wedding

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