Simple Ways to Reduce Stress & Increase Tranquillity in Your Bedroom

Simple Ways to Reduce Stress & Increase Tranquillity in Your Bedroom

Rethinking the way your bedroom looks and feels can make a massive impact on the beginning and end of your days. Although you might not spend a lot of time awake in your bedroom, it can become a new place to escape for a moment’s peace and quiet. Our four top tips in creating simple ways to reduce stress & increase tranquillity in your bedroom can be easily applied over the space of a weekend, so that you will have a new favorite room to kick back and unwind.

1. Mattress made in heaven

At the heart of every bedroom is your bed, so it only makes sense to begin reducing stress and increasing tranquillity in your bedroom by starting with where you place your head each night. Finding the perfect mattress that really takes care of you while you sleep whilst offering support is vital, which is why we recommend the Oceano mattress that has the longevity of a spring mattress but features high-density gel memory foam, which adjusts to the curves of your body. Not only that, we love all of its other wonderful features including keeping you cool during the summer as well as its its non-toxic materials. If you’re not in need of a new mattress, try to freshen up your current one with a new mattress pad or a set of cotton sheets in earthy tones.

2. Bring in natural light

Natural light is proven to have a profoundly positive impact on the body with health benefits such as improving productivity and boosting the feeling of being happier and calmer. Sunlight also produces vitamin D, which aids with the immune system, body weight management, and asthma symptoms. Alternatively, you can use candlelight to create a tranquil ambience in your bedroom during the evenings instead of the intense brightness of

room lighting. Installing a dim light is another way to gently light up the room without being too harsh, although stick to warm yellow bulbs and steer clear from florescent bulbs.

3. Keep things minimal

Keeping the bedroom minimalistic plays a big part in reducing stress and increasing tranquillity because you begin and end your day in the bedroom, so making sure that clutter isn’t in sight will make a big impact on how you feel when you wake up and go to sleep. A great way to keep on top of any chaos creeping into the bedroom is to pick the right storage furniture. A chest of drawers and under-the-bed storage boxes are quintessential because they look neat and tidy and get the job done. Avoid bookcases and shelves in the bedroom or keep them to a minimum so that you don’t get tempted to add more things into your bedroom, and to minimize a cluttered feeling.

4. Paint your room with harmonious hues

The color scheme plays a big part in the ambience of your bedroom. You will want to create a space that feels comfortable and tranquil, so adding a new coat of paint to the walls could be just the transformation in creating a stress-free space to unwind after a long day at work. Natural and soft colors work really well, especially if you’re implementing a lot of natural daylight, you want the light to bounce off the walls, which will create an airy atmosphere. Painting your room blue is scientifically proven to play with the mind to eject feelings of positivity, serenity, reflection and calm. Opt for pastel or icy blue tones, which will promote those tranquil feelings in order to create a serene space for you to relax in.

Simple Ways to Reduce Stress & Increase Tranquillity in Your Bedroom

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