Siberian Husky Who was Born without Paws Now Lives a Happy Life

Siberian Husky Who was Born without Paws Now Lives a Happy Life

We all love to hear a heartwarming story with a happy end. Well, this one starts with a heartbreak but ends with the tears of joy. Get your tissues ready, folks. Meet Maya, an adorable Siberian Husky who was born without paws. She had to battle through her life right from the start, and she managed to pull through. Maya is three years old now and when she was born, she could even stand on her legs for more than a minute. Walking was impossible. It looked like the future is going to be really dark for Maya, but then Kit, her current owner, saw a Facebook post from the shelter Maya was staying and decided to adopt her. Kit says it was very difficult at first, but she never regretted her decision.  Kit says Maya is now happy, frisky and strong. Truly a wonderful story.

Little Siberian princess.


Maya enjoys spending time in the garden.


Her wheelchair allows her to run around and play with other dogs.



She loves running on the beach.


She is one happy dog right now.


Maya enjoys long walks.


She’s pretty sassy too.



She is adorable!


Maya never gave up, she truly is a fighter!


This Husky toy is her best friend.

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