Pay Attention to These Jewelry Fashion Tips for Your Upcoming Wedding

Pay Attention to These Jewelry Fashion Tips for Your Upcoming Wedding

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and it’s a day where you want to look your very best. You may care about jewelry, or, you may not. But if you plan to wear jewelry on your wedding day, besides that ever so special wedding ring, you should follow these tried-and-true jewelry fashion tips for your upcoming wedding.

1. Take Your Time
This is a general rule that is so good for so many things in life, including choosing jewelry for your wedding day. Take your time. You never want to find yourself in a situation where your rushing to select wedding jewelry. Just like with your dress, you want to make sure your jewelry is just right for the occasion. Give yourself at least a month to find the right jewelry for your wedding day.

2. Don’t Test Earrings Without Your Headpiece
One of the primary rules you should follow as a fashion tip for your upcoming wedding is to always try earrings on with your headpiece if you’re wearing a headpiece. Never chance it or guess what your headpiece will look like with the earrings. Actually see it for yourself when you look in a mirror. You don’t want any unpleasant surprises on your wedding day.

3. Is There Gold or Silver on Your Dress?
Some wedding dresses are more than just white or ivory. They contain bits of silver or gold. If that’s the case, match your jewelry to the silver or to the gold. Don’t wear silver earrings if gold is featured on your wedding dress. Wear silver jewelry or wear something neutral, like white pearls or diamond studs.

4. Don’t Go Overboard
So you’ve got the perfect wedding dress, but you’ve added a silver hairpiece adorned with pearl accents, a pearl-studded choker, and a large pearl studded bracelet. Keep that very popular mantra in mind -“less is more.” Go with the hairpiece and remove the choker the bracelet. Or keep the bracelet and remove the choker and the hairpiece. Keeping all of them is likely too much and will take attention away from the dress.

5. Keep It Simple
Keeping it simple goes hand-in-hand with “less is more.” For example, long dangling earrings, unless they are of a single strand, are often too overpowering for a wedding dress. Choose pearl studs, diamond studs, gold studs, or silver studs instead. Remember, the focus should be on your wedding dress not on your long, dangling earrings.

6. What’s Your Neckline Like?
Depending on the neckline of your dress that should determine if you should wear a necklace. Never wear a necklace if it is going to be drowned out by a high-collared wedding dress, for example. With that being said, even if your wedding dress features a low neckline, determine if you really need a necklace, and if you do go with a necklace, choose something delicate and light rather than large and bulky.

7. Don’t Be Too Matchy-Matchy
Often times, particularly the costume variety, jewelry is sold in a set. You have the earrings that match the necklace that match the bracelet. If you buy a jewelry set to wear with your wedding dress, don’t wear all of the items. Choose one and no more than two to pair with your wedding dress. Wearing all three together is too matchy-matchy and no longer the style.

8. Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Something New with Something Old
You’ve heard the saying “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” That saying, or at least most of it, is still very much practiced by modern brides. So don’t be afraid to mix something new with something old, for example. As we’ve said, matchy-matchy days are over. Wear your mom’s beautiful old diamond studs with the beautiful new pearl bracelet you bought.

9. Avoid a Necklace with an Asymmetrical Gown
Earlier we said that you should avoid wearing a necklace with a high neckline. That one is fairly obvious. But a style that is popular today is the asymmetrical wedding gown. Never wear a necklace with this trend. No matter how beautiful the necklace may be, it will result in an unbalanced look that ruins the lines of the gown. Go for a gorgeous pair of diamond earrings or an interesting bracelet instead.

10. Skip the Watch
No matter how gorgeous you think the watch is that you’ve fallen in love with, skip it for your wedding day. A watch simply does not go well with a wedding dress, no matter what kind of watch it is. If you want to wear something on your wrist, go with a gorgeous bracelet.

11. What is the Length of Your Gown?
Today, gowns come in all lengths. The length of your gown plays a significant role in how jewelry will appear. Most brides opt for long dresses, but if you’re one of the people who chooses a short dress with no sleeves, a diamond bracelet can really shine with that sort of style.

12. You Get What You Pay For
We realize that you may need to cut corners for your special day, but don’t go too cheap with the jewelry. This is not to say that your jewelry has to cost a fortune, but if you’re going to buy your jewelry from a bargain mall shop, make sure it looks more expensive than it is. You can also check Ileana Makri Jewellery. Cheap looking jewelry will take away from the beauty of your wedding dress.

13. Be Yourself
Another general rule that is so good for so many things in life, including choosing jewelry for your wedding day is to be yourself. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing something vintage just because your mother insists on it, don’t do it. In addition, don’t go for a trend just because it’s a trend. If something that everyone is wearing doesn’t suit your personality, don’t go with it. Remember, this is your wedding day, and you should be representing your personal style. We’re providing you with tried-and-true jewelry fashion tips for your upcoming wedding, but in the end, you need to do what makes you feel comfortable and beautiful on your special day.

Pay Attention to These Jewelry Fashion Tips for Your Upcoming Wedding

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