Outdoor Ice Machines - Uses, Variants and Utility

Outdoor Ice Machines – Uses, Variants and Utility

Outdoor Ice Machines   Uses, Variants and UtilityFeatured Image Source: Pixabay

If ice makers are niche products, then you can safely include outdoor ice machine into the niche of niche products, and nobody would disagree with you. But even though outdoor ice machines are reserved to a particular demographic – either restaurant owners, event organizers, or individuals with yards who like to host large gatherings of people on a regular basis -, this does not take away from the usefulness.

If you are part of one (or all) of the aforementioned categories, an outdoor ice machine could potentially be a very smart investment that will last you for many years to come. However, before waltzing into the first store and buying one, it is a good idea to do the proper research and view as many models as possible. If you want to make the best possible purchase decision, make sure to read through the following list of tips and advices we have compiled.

Why Buying an Outdoor Ice Machine is a Useful Investment?
If you have never owned an ice machine, you are probably wondering why would anybody buy one when you could just as easily use an ice tray, or do a quick run to any convenience store and buy a bag. While there is a case to be made about these two options, you could make this argument for pretty much any niche purchases. And we still buy them. Why? Because they are convenient.
Another thing that puts many people off of buying outdoor machines is the belief that they are complex utility items best reserved to establishments such as cafes, bars, and restaurants. But this could not be farther from the truth – choosing an appropriate model is as easy as picking out a TV or a refrigerator, and with the plethora of reliable information sources such as IceMakerPro, the whole shopping process becomes a breeze.

Other than that, here are a few more brief reasons why buying an outdoor ice machine is a good investment:

• Most models are capable of producing all types of ice possible. If you feel like drinking a refreshing smoothie or enjoying a strong whiskey on the rocks, an outdoor ice machine is there to serve you with the appropriate type of ice.
• If you have ever hosted a large gathering of people, you probably know how frustrating it is to make frequent trips to the kitchen to grab ice while the party is ongoing. An outdoor ice machine will produce as much ice as everybody needs while you are mingling with the guests or relaxing on a bench.

Unit Placement
Now that we have established why outdoor ice machines are smart investments, it is time to discuss which are the ideal places to install them. There are several factors to take into consideration here, and they are mainly related to how your yard is designed and equipped. For example, if you want to go for a built-in model, you will need an outdoor kitchen patio setup. If you want to go for a portable model, you can’t just leave it on the ground – you will need to furnish your outdoors appropriately.

Regardless of your placement position, one of the best things about outdoor ice machines is that they are capable of withstanding mild weather conditions. Because most of them are built out of stainless steel, you do not need to carry it indoors at the first signs of rain and heat. Most models are highly resistant to humidity and water because stainless steel has great anti-corrosion properties.
However, if you want to prolong the life of the ice machine as much as possible, you have to provide it with enough breathing space in order to function properly. Most outdoor models are designed with the vents in front, so if you are tight on space, you can safely place it against the wall and never worry about moving it.

Outdoor Ice Machine Production Output
However, the main sore of outdoor ice machines is their production output. Due to the fact that they operate outside, outdoor units generate less ice than their indoor counterparts. While a built-in model, for example, is capable of generating about 100 kg of ice in the span of 25 hours, an outdoor unit will barely reach half of that amount in the same time period.

Whether we are talking about a business or a personal context, an outdoor ice machine is an extremely reliable and useful utility item to own. While, admittedly, they have a much lower production output than indoor models, they generate enough ice to cover the needs of your guests or costumes. Therefore, if your particular situation demands high amounts of ice on a regular basis, you should consider buying one as it will spare you of many inconveniences.

Outdoor Ice Machines   Uses, Variants and Utility

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