Organizing a Flawless Office Move – Expert Recommendations

Organizing a Flawless Office Move – Expert Recommendations

When it comes to the office move, it seems that anything can go wrong and cause trouble. It can be so, but the damage-free office move is still possible. As a rule, an ideal transfer is carried out by a professional moving company. Such services are not expensive, and even a small low-budget company can afford to hire moving professionals. However, if you still prefer to organize the office relocation yourself, we have prepared several tips for you.

Organizing a Flawless Office Move – Expert Recommendations

Checklist from Moving Experts
If you decide to organize the move yourself without involving topqualitymoving in the process, then ensure all the below steps have been performed by you.

* Get ready for the move in advance because some unexpected things may happen.
* Select the day and time correctly. Organization of the office move during the business days will not only break business processes of the company, but it can also be complicated by traffic in the city, loaded highways, etc. 

*Do not use utilized packaging material. The already used boxes may not withstand the load. Do not use ordinary newspapers as a packaging material.

* Transportation of office furniture involves careful, lean packaging and labeling. We strongly recommend you to use special paper instead of adhesive tape for this purpose to avoid adhesive marks on the furniture.

* Mark all the boxes with signs “top” or “bottom,” “brittle” or “glass.”

* Essential necessities and important documents should be transported separately from the general cargo. Personal belongings of workers should be transported in separate boxes, preliminarily marked with the owner’s name.

You should also determine and agree on the location of workplaces in the new premises in advance. This will allow you to prepare the scheme of furniture location and greatly facilitate the process of unloading and unpacking. By the way, by drawing a layout diagram, it is also necessary to consider the markup of telephone and computer cables.

Organizing a Flawless Office Move – Expert Recommendations

Hiring a Moving Company  
When signing a contract with a moving company, it is necessary to collect the maximum amount of information about its transport, employees, and feedback on the quality of service provision. Also, do not forget to make a detailed description of the cargo and include in the contract an article on “liability of the carrier company.” 

Before transporting office equipment, make sure that it does not require special packaging or specific transfer conditions. Such data can be found in the technical passport of the cargo. To transport office equipment, use its original packaging or air bubble film. When dismantling the furniture, remember that it will be later to collect back. Therefore, all the work should be done very carefully, with any piece being lost or damaged. 

No matter what option for office relocation you choose, do not forget to inform your business partners about the new address of your company. And after the move, invite them to share the joy of starting a new business life!

Organizing a Flawless Office Move – Expert Recommendations

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