Master Your Kitchen Remodel with These 6 Simple Tips

Master Your Kitchen Remodel with These 6 Simple Tips

Kitchens are a source of pride and the center of home life. It is not surprising that kitchen remodeling is the number one home improvement project. There is much to consider when tackling a kitchen remodel, and aesthetics are just the beginning of creating an outstanding centerpiece in your home. Planning well is crucial to minimizing construction inconvenience. Moreover, it will help direct the project timeline and keep the budget in line.

Design Inspiration

More homeowners are living in their homes longer, and kitchen design trends are reflecting overall style and purpose. Details such as cabinet function and fit with the entire home are just as integral to a successful design. To jump-start the creative process and maximize your return on investment, read these six tips and trends for mastering your kitchen remodel.

  1. Consider horizontally-oriented cabinetry.
    Including horizontal kitchen cabinetry in your design makes it easier to reach items inside and eliminates stacking cabinets toward the ceiling vertically. Adding organizational inserts and easy-access drawers showcase this clutter-free cabinet style. Combine modern details such as display shelving or glass doors to break up large blocks of drawers and doors.
  2. Include plenty of storage.
    When considering storage, think about the kitchen items you frequently use. For instance, plan shelving or a cupboard for storing breakfast bowls and food near an eat-in nook. Keep plastic containers and wraps in a nearby drawer alongside work surfaces for covering leftovers. Accordingly, locate flatware and dishes near the dishwasher to expedite the unloading process.
  3. Create a budget.
    Establish and stick to a budget by determining what you can afford and the length of time you plan to stay in your home. Research available choices, create a wish list, and then revise that into a realistic budget. Be flexible about your final choices in case unforeseen expenses occur.
  4. Choosing countertop decor.
    Those who enjoy cooking appreciate plenty of counter space, particularly between the sink and range. When considering your options for kitchen countertops decor, make sure to explore granite, a heat- and stain-resistant stone. Also, under-mount and flush-set sinks eliminate crumb-catching rims, and matte finishes hide dirt better than glossy surfaces.
  5. Transition styling.
    The popularity of open floor plans creates the need for a transitional design flow between rooms. Complementary cabinet colors and designs can deliver warmth in multipurpose areas, such as a family room that opens to the kitchen.
  6. Incorporate technology.
    As technology increasingly connects our world, modern homes consolidate features that accommodate innovative technology, including cabinets with built-in docking stations for electronics or novel in-home workspaces for tablets and laptops. Moreover, installing multiple outlets on the island and along the backsplash ensures you have easy access to power.

Above all, if you choose to hire a general contractor, make sure the contract details labor and materials inclusions clearly.

Envision Your Lifestyle

Kitchen remodeling is first on many homeowners’ wish lists. A beautiful and functional kitchen provides a source of efficiency as well as comfort. Conversely, kitchen home renovations are grueling, but if done correctly can result in highly rewarding ROI, enjoyment, and satisfaction.

Master Your Kitchen Remodel with These 6 Simple Tips

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