How to Make Beautiful Bouquet Lasts as Long as Possible

How to Make Beautiful Bouquet Lasts as Long as Possible

You have just received a gorgeous bouquet of roses, and it’s made your day. But how do you make sure that they last as long as possible? We all know that flowers do not last forever but you may not realise that there are things you can do to keep them decorating your home for just that little bit longer. Let’s put it this way; you are not going to get the best out of flowers if you simply place them in a vase and leave them.

We have some tips for you, to help you keep cut flowers looking good for longer. You can use these tips for yourself, or pass them on to a friend or loved one when you buy flowers for them, Everyone loves receiving flowers, and they want to maximise the time they are around. From a more practical point of view, you also have to think about getting good value for money. It does not matter whether you have been flower shopping at a eFlorist, or someone has bought a bouquet for you, it’s important to make sure that you get the best from the purchase.

1. Choosing the right vase 
Flowers are not going to last very long if you cram them into a vase that is too small. Make sure that the flowers are well spaced and not crushed. You also need to make sure that the vase is clean as cut flowers do not react well to bacteria.

2. Using warm water 
If you are in a hurry it may be tempting to just fill a vase with water from the cold tap and thrust the flowers into it. Flowers actually react far better to being placed in a vase containing warm water.

2. Do not forget the plant food 
The majority of florists provides a sachet of plant food with their bouquets. This is provided to be used and not just thrown away. It helps to keep the flowers in good condition for longer. If you do not have access to plant food, it’s a good idea to place a small amount of vinegar in the water.

1. Preparing the flowers
You should not just place your flowers in water as they are. One important thing you need to do is remove the majority of leaves from the stems. You can keep a couple of leaves to frame the blooms, but the rest should go. This is because you want all of the life, energy and nutrients to be focused on the bloom. Let’s face it, the leaves would only be hidden below the water anyway.

The next thing you need to do is cut around an inch off the bottom of each stem, on a diagonal. This helps the flowers to soak up the water and nutrients.

2. Changing the water regularly 
Many people assume that they do not need to do anything about water for their flowers while there is still plenty in the vase. This is not true. Flowers do not drink bacteria, so you need to replace the water every other day. You should not forget to add plant food, or a little vinegar, to the fresh water.

3. Taking care of the flowers 
In addition to providing fresh water, you need to spend some time taking care of the flowers themselves. If some of the flowers are dead then simply remove them from the vase, or remove the dead bloom if there is more than one on a stem. This helps the water to remain clean and means that the water and nutrients are all being used by the flowers which still have life in them.

Flowers are very special. They can convey all sorts of emotions, from love and friendship to sympathy and regret. Whatever the thought behind them, flowers are a gift that you want to keep with you for as long as possible. We have shown you how to do this.

Do not forget to pass these tips on when you buy flowers for someone. You could also think about buying a plant which may not have the same initial impact as a huge bouquet, but lasts longer as it continues to grow and live.

Hopefully, we have shown you how to make the most of the flowers in your life. Whether you receive daffodils as a symbol of life and hope, or red roses for passion, you should be able to savour their beauty for a few extra days.

How to Make Beautiful Bouquet Lasts as Long as Possible

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