Local's Guide to Singapore: Beyond the Skyscrapers

Local’s Guide to Singapore: Beyond the Skyscrapers

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Singapore is a beautiful country that many tourists know of. People come from all corners of the globe to explore this country and enjoy its tranquility and diversity. Others come here seeking for jobs after securing a personalized employment pass but ensure they explore the country’s vast attraction sites within their first months. However, some local people are yet to enjoy some of the best attractions sites their country has to offer. Beyond the city life in the skyscrapers, there is a lot they can enjoy. Here is a travel guide for all the locals in Singapore.

Visit the Sembawang Hot Spring
At first, most people think that this is training camp for the army because of the barbed wire fence surrounding it. However, the hot spring is a public leisure site that is open every day. Most locals who know about this place go there to relax, especially dipping their feet in the hot water. The site has brought color and love to the country since its discovery at the dawn of the 20th Century. The locals say that it has a healing power and you too can visit and experience this.

Walk on the Abandoned Train Line
Unknown to many locals, there is a grassy rail line running all the way from the city to the Northern part of Singapore. After its closure in 2011, the soothing grass that has grown all over the rail line and the forest on both sides has been used by people to stretch. You can hike alone or with a group of friends for as far as you can go. Such a trip is great to relax and exercise away from the hassles of the town.

Visit Singapore’s Kampongs (Villages)
Beyond the urban life in Singapore, some rural areas still live in kampongs or villages. However, only a few remain in their natural state and people come from far and wide to see and experience them. As a local, it is crucial to pay one a visit and interact with fellow Singaporeans who live here.

For instance, the popular Kampong, which is still in its natural state, is found at Lorong Buangkok. They claim to live just like their forefathers and still enjoy it. Spending a day with these people has a lot to teach you.

Visit the Bukit Brown Cemetry
It is not common to see over 100,000 graves together anywhere in the world but here, you will get them. The tombs have taken a lot of architecture from the Chinese people and this makes it even more interesting. While, you can decide to search for the oldest tomb and before you know it, the adventure is already on. It will also interest you that most prominent and significant people of Singapore have their graves here. The resident caretaker can offer you a tour and give some interesting history about the cemetery that you did not know.

Apart from these interesting sites that are beyond the city life, there are numerous other options the locals can enjoy. It is important to experience them, especially during the weekends and vacation when you have enough time.

Locals Guide to Singapore: Beyond the Skyscrapers

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