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How to Trade Online with FxPro cTrader Platform

Various brokers offer different platforms to trade online. But probably the most popular one is MT4. It combines all needed charts and options in one place, offering a user-friendly interface and a simple navigation system.

But there is one more platform, which has already become a true splash in the online trading world. It is the cTrader Platform. The main feature of this platform is that it was designed for CFD trading specifically. Loyal traders and ctrader brokers love it for an added level of market analysis.

How to Trade Online with FxPro cTrader Platform

So, what do we know exactly about cTrader platform and its unique features?

cTrader for Beginners
To grow successful in online trading business, you have to become a professional in trading platforms. It is not obligatory to learn every existing platform and tool. But the knowledge of at least one tool is a must. Today, we’re going to teach you how to work with cTrader platform to start earning money as soon as possible.

Generally, the interface of the platform is very understandable and simple. It is represented in the form of a window with charts, bars, and tabs.

At the top left side of the window is the Accounts bar. Here you can view and switch your accounts. To open a new account, you have to click on the «Accounts» button. At the bottom part of the platform is the MarketWatch. Here are all of your broker’s symbols. Each tab can be extended to provide full information about any symbol. There you will find a chart icon, which can create a new chart for a symbol you choose. Besides, all the charts can be created in the Menu and via «plus» button on the top side of the window.

To control the charts, use all the buttons above the chart window. For example, zoom, templates, types, time frame, preferences, indicators, color options, etc. With charts, you can enter a multi-chart mode to control all graphs simultaneously. Or you can go for a single chart mode to see as many bars as possible and perform your analysis. cTrader Platform allows you to customize various aspects according to your needs and preferences

How to Trade Online with FxPro cTrader Platform

Of course, this platform is not so universal to be the best choice for every trader. But it will be the best possible variant if you’re looking for:

● Transparent STP,
● Connection to most liquidity providers,
● 100% trades protection,
● No rejections,
● No requotes,
● Fast market execution,
● Independent bid and ask prices,
● Market orders,
● Limit orders,
● Stop orders,
● Market range orders,
● Partial-orders-fills,
● Large volume trading, etc.

We advise downloading cTrader to try it for a few days to understand whether the platform meets your requirements or not. This is the only way for traders to realize which kind of platform will influence the growth of their profits.

How to Trade Online with FxPro cTrader Platform

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