How to Give Your Yard That Vacation Feel

How to Give Your Yard That Vacation Feel

When did you last go abroad on holiday? Stats show that more and more of us are jetting off to international destinations, but there are still plenty of us that have a hard enough time getting out of town, let alone the country. If you’re one of those people who won’t be leaving their zip code this summer, here’s how you can give your yard that vacation feel. After all, you deserve a break.  

Seek out the sun

Which part of your yard gets the best rays? And can you transform it into somewhere you’d like to relax? Set up a comfortable outdoor chair, put out a parasol (to keep the highest intensity rays off your skin) and don’t forget to buy a handy side-table so you have somewhere to put your homemade cocktail between sips. Just remember to reapply sunscreen, and try to keep out of the sun when it’s at its strongest.  

Establish an alfresco dining area

Vacations tend to mean eating outdoors, right? So, invest in some brand new patio furniture or give your existing set a wash and a fresh coat of paint. You could even grab some unusual ingredients from the grocery store if you want to bring a taste of other destinations to your home – how about pain au chocolat for breakfast if you fancy pretending to be a Parisian, for example? (You could even have a go at making your own if you have the time). While you’re at it, why not treat yourself to a new grill? The best bit about going away on vacation is often the food, so it makes sense to bring a little of that into your backyard by cooking up some amazing recipes on the grill. 

Make a splash with your pool 

If live in a sunny state, water is an absolute must! So, if you’re lucky enough to have a pool, now is definitely the time to give it a little upgrade. Hire a professional pool cleaner to get the water ready (diving in is so much more appealing afterwards, isn’t it?), and check to see if your pool deck paving could benefit from an upgrade. Pool decking that’s looking a little cracked or worse for wear hardly screams luxury vacation, so have something installed that’s a little more sophisticated. And, you can’t overlook the safety bonus of a new non-slip surface either. 

Spruce things up

Finally, give your yard a little TLC. That could mean painting the fence (especially if it’s flaking a little), or simply planting a few lovely blooms. An olive tree in a pot hints hints at a faraway destination such as Greece, for example, or (if you don’t have green fingers) you could try some of these decorating ideas instead. It’s all about making your yard feel new and interesting enough that you could almost trick yourself into thinking you’re on vacation.  

So there you have it – how to give your yard a vacation vibe! Now the only thing to do is book some vacation time off work to enjoy it.

How to Give Your Yard That Vacation Feel

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