How to Get a Girl to Fall in Love with You

How to Get a Girl to Fall in Love with You

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Girls often talk about their exclusivity and originality, but almost all them can be conquered in the same ways. It is easy to make a girl fall in love with you, just follow these simple rules and then enjoy the effect.

1. Argue with her
Men often cause girls to argue and go to confrontation only to stir them up. And this is right. It is necessary to cause emotions in a girl, to tease her, to let her internally open up. Having a diametrically opposite point of view, don’t be afraid to defend her, argue with her about music, attitudes towards people, art, etc. Bring arguments, counterarguments, criticize. But don’t forget, you shouldn’t argue about such critical things as the love of parents, children, and loyalty. In her eyes, you shouldn’t become a jerk with whom she will not even have the desire to talk. In an intellectual dispute with a girl, you become more emotional and, as a consequence, this is the best way to make a girl fall in love with you.

2. Praise and say compliments to a girl
If you knew how much time she spent in front of the mirror before a meeting, you would be bolder. You should make a compliment to a girl every time you see her. Say it without expecting the word “thank you” in return. Praise her smile, dress, scarf, lipstick color or length of legs. Pay attention to her accessories or character traits. Just don’t overdo. Rude flattery will be even worse than lack of compliments. Do you know the difference between flattery and a compliment? Compliments are the words from the bottom of the heart and the statement of really strong features, advantages, and positive qualities. A man, who doesn’t use compliments, will never make a girl to fall in love and always sleep in a bed alone! Such man, likewise, will not be able to convince one of those beautiful Russian women to marry him.

3. Respect a girl
Respect is required for good strong relationships. Give her personal space, free time to communicate with friends, don’t read her emails, messages on social networks, and so on. Be a strong and confident man. Thus, she will definitely like you.

4. Take care of a girl
Girls fall in love only with those who take care of them. Small gifts, simple rules of etiquette in society (for example, carefully put on a jacket in the cold time of the day) – this is what she sees in a romantic movie. You must do the same if you don’t count on an ordinary friendship but on her love.

5. Become friends with her close people
Her friends, family and just acquaintances can be on your side or they may be against you. But it is definitely worth having good relations with her girlfriends. When her friends treat you favorably, they can even help you conquer a girl. But if you neglected to be friends with her environment, you may get in a big trouble. They will interrupt in your relationship at any convenient opportunity and destroy it. It is clear that you don’t need too much complexity in a relationship. So, consider this point.

6. “Tie” a girl to yourself
At the very beginning of your relationship, be with her as much as possible and don’t forget to entertain her. When she gets used to spending time with you, disappear for awhile and let her miss a little. Don’t tell her where you disappear and the reasons of your behavior. Her sympathy for you will have more precise contours and she will try to get you back into her life. If you haven’t had the first sex, then perhaps her resistance would be broken very soon.

7. Kisses, hugs, and sex
Kisses, hugs, and sex are like air, summer rain, and spring in one bottle. Girls want everything and in abundance. Perhaps your girl has a little different temporary idea about the development of relationships, but when she falls in love with you, she will definitely want to have sex.

How to Get a Girl to Fall in Love with You

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