How to Choose the Right Watch for Your Wrist

How to Choose the Right Watch for Your Wrist

With so many watches in the market, it is not easy to choose the perfect one for your style. Like any other item of clothing in your wardrobe, your watch should fit perfectly. While there are no rules for choosing the right size, here are some tips that will help you to choose the ideal wristwatch:

How to Choose the Right Watch for Your Wrist

Know Your Wrist Size
You need to know your wrist size, which can be very thin, thick, slender, or medium. Once you find your size, you can choose the watch that looks best on your wrist. Knowing your wrist size will come in handy when shopping online because you will not have to try on the watch.

If your wrist is thick, a sports watch will look flattering while a sophisticated dress watch will look best on a very thin wrist. Here are some steps to follow when measuring your wrist size:

– Take a flexible paper strip or tape measure
– Wrap it around your wrist at the area where your watch sits
– If using a paper strip, mark the end of your wrist then measure against a ruler
– A wrist that is above 18cm it is thick, between 17 and 18cm is medium, 14-16cm is very thin, and between 16 and 17cm is slender.

Things to Consider When Shopping for a Watch
When looking for the ideal watch, you should consider the key elements. You need to consider the width of the band, thickness and of the case as well as the band material.

Watch Case Diameter
Because this aspect of a watch captures the most attention, you need to choose the right diameter. When it comes to men’s watches, the ideal diameter is between 38 and 46cm. Any watch outside this range is either too small or big. To find your ideal size within the recommended range, you should use your wrist measurements.

Watch Case Thickness
After the diameter, you should consider the case thickness. As a rule, the depth of the case needs to be proportional to its diameter. When you stick to this rule, you will be able to choose the most flattering size for your wristwatch.

Band Material
How to Choose the Right Watch for Your Wrist

If your wrist is large, you should choose a metal band that appears thicker and heavier. However, thin wrists look better in leather and rubber bands because metal might overwhelm them. This choice depends on personal preferences.

Band Width
The ideal width of a band should be half the size of its case diameter. For instance, if your watch has a 42mm diameter, you should choose a band that is 21mm wide. Of course, the width that you select will depend on your tastes.

Watch Details
When shopping for a watch such as Seiko Presage, you should look at details: sub-dials, markers, hands, and crown. The size of such elements and their prominence can affect the size of a watch. Dominant features tend to suit larger wrists while smaller features look best on smaller wrists.

Choosing a Watch for Your Wrist Size
– If your wrists are small, you should choose a watch with a slim band and a tiny case.
– Small wrists look best with minimal design watches while busier faces look best on larger wrists.
– Thick metal clasps suit large wrists but minimalistic and slim bands suit slender wrists
– If your wrist is thick, you should opt for a case thickness of 14-18mm

When looking for the best watch size, the above tips will come in handy. Make sure that you go to a physical store when buying your first watch to get the best size.

How to Choose the Right Watch for Your Wrist

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