How to Beat Boredom While Traveling

How to Beat Boredom While Traveling

Traveling! We love the destination but sometimes getting there can be a bit of a bind. From time spent waiting in airport departure lounges to the sheer amount of hours we can spend sat on a train, we take a look at how to alleviate boredom while traveling.

Read a good book
Reading is probably top of the list of how to beat boredom while traveling. Whether you are a lover of a good old-fashioned paperback, or whether you prefer a mobile device, reading a good book is sure to while away the hours. Many people choose a mini tablet like a Kindle or other favorite device to download a few books so that they have plenty to read on the go. If you are traveling, packing enough books to last the journey can weigh you down. So, sit back, relax and get lost in your favorite novel. Just be careful not to get so engrossed that you miss your flight.

Catch up on work
OK so it’s not very rock and roll, but many of us spend lots of time running around preparing for our holiday and making sure we finish our work before we go. In reality, we have all that travel time when we are sat doing nothing that we can put to better use. Why not take it with you? If you work from your phone or your laptop, this is the perfect opportunity to catch up on things.

Check in on your social media
Of course, this is the ideal time to catch up on who is dating who, who is feeling great about life and have a good nose through your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms. Most of the time we are too busy as we travel from home to work, work to home and deal with the million and one things we have to do. Other websites like Pinterest offer the opportunity to design a new bedroom or look for the perfect wardrobe for next season. Getting inspired on holiday is a common occurrence, and as soon as we get home, it disappears after a day. Use the inspiration to organize things and build lots of useful Pinterest boards.

Flirting online in a chat room
Online chat rooms may seem like a strange one but when do you get the time to sit down and catch up on your online dating? A lot of online dating platforms like have a variety of chat rooms that are divided according to interests, location and many other factors. These chat rooms are the perfect place to while away the time while getting to know people and arranging your social life. Not only can you meet new people in these online chat rooms, but you can also get to know those that you are already talking to a bit better. If you have been waiting to take the plunge and haven’t yet signed up to a dating site then what are you waiting for? You have a few hours, right? Get signed up and get in those chat rooms. Nothing like a bit of online holiday romance to get you in the holiday spirit.

Chatting with others
Are you one of those people that like to keep yourself to yourself while traveling? While you may just want to put your headphones on and get lost in music, you miss the potential to meet some truly fascinating people. Having a conversation with a stranger on a train or next to someone on an airplane is a great way to pass the time and learn new things. You may even find love – after all, you can’t be in those chat rooms at 30,000 feet unless of course, your plane has Wi-Fi!

How to Beat Boredom While Traveling

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