Here Are the Best Heavy Work Kurtis Designs to Stay Comfortable During Summer

Here Are the Best Heavy Work Kurtis Designs to Stay Comfortable During Summer

When summer comes calling, it is everyone’s desire to stay hydrated and refreshed with ice cold drinks and also to dress lightly so that they can go about their businesses without worrying about being bothered by sticky clothes due to excessive sweating. Additionally, most women are concerned about getting tanned due to the scorching heat being generated by the sun.

One of the approaches women are resorting to so that they can have some cooling effect during the hot months of summer is to use kurtis. This is not just a fashion statement during the hot months of summer, but also their versatile designs allow for the effective cooling of the body, not to mention that they are mesmerizingly beautiful.

Designers around the world have come up with various powerful kurtis designs specifically for combating the heat and the discomfort that comes with summertime. If you are in the market hoping to make a few purchases of heavy work kurtis to give you the comfort, style, and elegance to sail through summer, here are some of the latest trends which you should consider-:
Plain Buttoned Up Heavy Work Kurtis

The plain buttoned up heavy work kurtis is simple in design but looks very sophisticated from a fashion point of view. This is the kind of kurtis to go for if you desire to have a girly stuff – a light attire that will not come in the way when you are going about your chores during summer. It simply features the designs for the regular A-line kurtis, but it is fitted with buttons which run from the neck region, down through to the bottom.

They are available in a variety of light and bright colors – the perfect summer colors, to allow you the pleasure of choosing the colors which your heart delights in the most. You can check out these and many other summer heavy work kurtis designs at Stylecaret.
Shirt Neck and Long Slit Heavy Work Kurtis

Shirt necks may sound inappropriate when considering heavy work kurtis for summer, but you will be surprised that this particular one might as well be one of the best kurtis you may wish to have to evade the unforgiving summer heat and discomfort. The design features a neckline like that you would normally find in shirts, and this is purposely designed in this manner to protect you from getting tanned on the back by the hot sun. Additionally, it features a fusion of a shirt and a kurti and it has a length that runs from the belly way down to the tail end of the fabric. As such, it has a pretty display of style, and it will give you the comfort and convenience you need for the summer.

Spaghetti Heavy Work Kurtis

Spaghetti tops are a hot trend during summer. They are very open and this allows for better cooling of the skin so that you are not bothered by a lot of sweating. In the same manner, there are spaghetti kurtis which you can use to achieve the same cooling and comfort during summer. As such, you won’t have to bother yourself with wearing any bottoms since it is already hot and any piece of attire you add to your body will be causing you more discomfort.
But the good news is that their design is quite free and elegant and they will grant you the freedom to stay fresh, and cool despite the sweltering sun. You can add more sophistication to them by using a unique piece of necklace or choker to add more glamour in the neckline.

Sleeveless Heavy Work Kurtis

There is no effective way to achieve maximum cooling effects in your body than to have as much skin as possible exposed to the atmosphere. This is the very reason why people have swimwears designed to cover only the essential parts and leave a lot of skin exposed so that the body may achieve maximum cooling. This is the same principle that has been used in the design of the sleeveless heavy work kurtis.
It is a completely mesmerizing and an amazing piece of attire to have for the summer. They are ideal for pairing with palazzos or long and free-flowing skirts that will allow for more aeration of the lower body. If you want to get more creative so that you can look more than just amazing during the summer, you can accessorize using metallic earring or a couple of matching bangles to introduce more glam to your already glamorous looks.

Halter Neck Work Heavy Kurtis

If you want a very comfortable and extremely stylish heavy work kurtis for the summer, then you have every reason to focus your attention on the halter neck design. Just like with the shirt neck design, it also has a collar designed to save your back from getting tanned by the hot sun. It is primarily made of cotton and this suggests that it is breathable enough to allow the free flow of air through so that you get good aeration for the cooling effect.
Additionally, they are available in a variety of patterns and you can always trust them to give you the glam and comfort when summer comes calling. On pairing, they will work well with pants or jeans and they are ideal for both formal and casual summer meetings.

Cold Shoulder Heavy Work Kurtis

The cold shoulder heavy work kurtis are just as their name suggests – designed with cold shoulders to help you with the summer cooling. They feature a unique design, with the shoulder region and a small section of the upper back being completely open on the kurtis. With such a design, cooling of the body is guaranteed, though you may get tanned on the slightly exposed back if you spend a lot of time in the hot sun. They are available in a variety of designs and you can choose designs to wear without any bottoms, or just those to wear freely without any more baggage on your limbs.

Here Are the Best Heavy Work Kurtis Designs to Stay Comfortable During Summer

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