Growing Young: Reasons it’s Never Too Late to Develop Your Artistic Side

Growing Young: Reasons it’s Never Too Late to Develop Your Artistic Side

Most people assume that, as we get older, our lives become more monotonous and quiet. Whilst this may be true for some, this certainly doesn’t have to be the case and you should never allow things to become dull if you don’t want them to just because you’re growing old.

Whilst some research may suggest we’re born creative, this isn’t to say it’s too late to release your inner creative streak when you get older. In fact, creativity has been shown to provide significant health benefits which can only be a good thing as you increase in years. Health concerns generally become greater with age, and using creativity to your advantage could be extremely beneficial. If you have an inner love for art and all things creative but need an extra push to get started, here are some top advantages you can expect to experience.

Sharp brain

In addition to the significant health benefits, creativity can provide an array of mental benefits can arise too. Studies have shown that, by engaging in a variety of creative activities, it makes the brain work harder to take on new mental challenges. This consequently increases and maintains the sharpness of the brain which, in turn, can provide many advantages specific to the elderly.

With a preserved sharp brain, you could reduce your chance of accidents, make better decisions and continue to function independently. An activity as simple as using an Android coloring book app for a couple of hours a day will contribute to brain sharpness, giving you an instant incentive to get creative!

Meet new people

A very common symptom of growing older is loneliness. As we increase with age, it’s inevitable that our loved ones will eventually pass away. The loss of friends and partners could unwillingly leave you in isolation, and depression can be a common side-effect you may experience.

Getting creative and joining a local art club will not only give a relief from loneliness but will also give you the opportunity to meet new friends and make new connections. This increased sense of community will allow you to have fun once again whilst exploring your creative side.


Creativity isn’t solely limited to coloring and painting. Dance is another hugely popular form of art that provides a huge amount of fun for a variety of people, and there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy this too!

In addition to making you feel energized and self-confident, the activity of dance has also been shown to help those suffering from early dementia as it increases awareness of surroundings. In order to dance properly, you need to have some form of spatial awareness so as not to bump into something, and nurturing this creative skill is likely to have significant mental health benefits in the long run.

Even though you’re getting older, you don’t have to assume your creative days are over. Even if you’ve never been much of a creative person before, there’s no reason why you can’t unleash your creative spirit now and experience the benefits! Katherine Daniels discovered her hidden creative side a few years back when she picked up a paintbrush and a pen. Now turning her hobby into a sideline business she hasn’t looked back!

Growing Young: Reasons it’s Never Too Late to Develop Your Artistic Side

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