Gifts for Your Boyfriend this Holiday Season

Gifts for Your Boyfriend this Holiday Season

The holiday season is just around the corner, and the malls are bursting with people buying last-minute gifts.  If you’re like much of the population, you’ve been bogged down in the holiday madness.  Worried you won’t find something in time for the man in your life?  Worry no more.  Luckily, online shopping has made this process a breeze.  Here are just a few gift ideas that will warm his heart this chilly holiday season.

A Cooking Knife Set
If you’re hoping you can convert your boyfriend into your personal chef, try buying him a set of cooking knives. A good chef’s knife will help him chop, slice, and dice with ease.  On the other hand, a bread knife turns the otherwise messy process of slicing bread into a seamless experience.  And don’t forget the cheese knife—he will no longer have to struggle through a block of Gouda ever again.  A decent knife set will inspire anyone with the least bit of interest in cooking to pursue the craft.  Cutco is an excellent brand with a “Forever Guarantee” so that you can send in your knives for free service.  Your boyfriend may or may not become the next Anthony Bourdain, but he can learn how to slice and dice like a real pro.

A Cook Book
Which brings us to the next necessity of becoming a cooking virtuoso.  If the man has barely picked up a whisk in his life, you would do a big favor to yourself and him by purchasing a good cookbook.  There are plenty of informative and entertaining books on the market that effectively break down the cooking process to its’ simplest parts.  And speaking of Anthony Bourdain, he has several edgy books that are part memoir and part cooking lessons—there’s hardly anyone more inspiring than a rock star globe-trotting chef with over 40 years of experience.

A Satchel
Call it a satchel, call it a man-purse, call it whatever you want—the truth is that satchels are universally cool.  Fortunately, there are countless brands in a variety of styles no matter your boyfriend’s personality or profession.  Whether he’s a writer, a teacher, an accountant, or a CEO, there is a satchel to suite his taste.  Bags can be found in vegan worn leather or pristine minimal leather, lots of pockets, no pockets, and the list goes on and on.  Find them in various department stores and online shops.

Go Back to Basics
Not every gift has to be a gold watch or a trip to the Bahamas (although he probably wouldn’t complain).  Go back to basics with some upgraded essentials like athletic socks, shoes, thermals or pajamas.  This holiday season, never underestimate the comfort of a good pair of underwear. In fact, Stance underwear makes a great gift. Customize his undergarments with fun prints and patterns that will surely be a kick in the pants—no pun intended. Practical and funny? That’s a winning combination.

Travel Accessories
Is your man a romantic globetrotter?  Get him some accessories that allow him to travel with ease.  Go practical with a Grid-It Accessory organizer, a roll up organizer with made up of interlacing elastic bands that can keep all of his accessories safe and sound.  For the environmentally conscious, The GoPax Backpack by Solar Gear is energy efficient, allowing the carrier to charge electronics using the solar panel on the back.  Go this route and maybe he’ll surprise you with a ticket on his next adventurer.

Camping Gear
If he’s the outdoorsy type, chances are a new innovative camping gadget will do the trick.  Get him a MicroRocket stove from REI—a small gas-powered stove that weighs in at just 2.6 oz.  A Garmin Forerunner 235 GPS Heart Rate Monitor Watch is also a cool option for the tech geek.  Or better yet, invest in a DoubleNest Hammock from ENO so you can snuggle with your sweetheart the next time you find yourself under the stars.

For the Music Lover
If your man is tech savvy, there’s plenty of options you both can enjoy this season.  The Aether Cone is a wireless sound system that remembers the music you listen to the most.  Take that killer playlist to any part of the house, indoors or outdoors, and entertain your friends with your new piece.

Make Christmas shopping easy with these fantastic boyfriend-approve gift ideas—he’ll be glad you did.

Gifts for Your Boyfriend this Holiday Season

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