Man Spent Whole Day in Frozen Woods to Capture Magnificent Sights

Man Spent Whole Day in Frozen Woods to Capture Magnificent Sights

Tamas Rizsavi is known as the daredevil photographer from Hungary who stops at nothing to pursue his passion. He’s a train driver constantly seeking for thrills and stunning scenery to eternalize with his camera. “It’s a rare occurrence when the forest is wearing such enchanting colors. The forest retained its beauty all day, because of the cold, -5 degrees Celsius. Only a narrow-gauge [railway] broke the silence sometimes,” Rizsavi said. He was patient and in the end, he’s captured a wondrous and magical frozen forest railway with its train passing through. He began climbing statues and scaling buildings in 2008 in order to take picture of the trains he worked on. Soon he started taking photos of his entire home city from the highest points. Friends and family fear for him, but he’s not afraid and he’s too in love with the way he takes photos to even think of stopping. “Sometimes I take pictures during work because there are moments which are unmissable.” If we’ve intrigued you, you can follow this adventure craving photographer on his successful Facebook page.

Close-up shot of the frozen forest railway

Great Kodak moment!

White fantasy

All colors complement each other into a perfect fit

Day slowly coming to an end

Icicles tell us this seat ain’t warm.

A whole day, like he said.

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