Five Things You Need For a Backyard Getaway

Five Things You Need For a Backyard Getaway

Five Things You Need For a Backyard Getaway

Travel is an incredible way to get away from it all and have amazing experiences. However, traveling can be expensive, and opportunities to jet set are rare. For these reasons, having a place at home that you can escape to is of the utmost importance.

Fortunately, you can create an escape in your own backyard regardless of the space you have to work with and the size of your budget. Here are a few essential items for building the perfect staycation retreat to enjoy with your family and friends.

A Fire Pit

Nothing is more comforting than a crackling fireplace after a hard day. Incorporating a firepit into your backyard design scheme can create the perfect camping-inspired experience in the summer and a place to warm up after hitting the slopes in the winter. You can find a wide variety of different fire pits, including outdoor electric fireplaces, custom cast iron fire pits, and DIY approaches using paver stones. Outdoor Flames even offers a water pit, in which your fire is built on top of a fountain.

Privacy Walls and Fences

If you live in suburbia, it can be difficult to capture the feeling of privacy when spending time outdoors. To do so, you will need to incorporate a fence or privacy wall. You can either build a high fence that encompasses your property or build a privacy screen to enclose a small portion of your yard from the neighbors’ windows.

Building a fence or privacy wall can be a costly endeavor. Alternatively, you can use recycled pallets to get the job done. Planting large bushes and trees can help increase the level of solitude in your backyard, by limiting both visibility and noise. However, unless you are using transplants, the growing process can take a substantial amount of time to yield results.


It’s not a place to relax if you can’t sit back and put your feet up, both literally and figuratively. When it comes to seating for your backyard escape, the options are endless. In a pinch, you can use camp chairs when inviting friends and family over to mingle around the fire. Alternatively, you can purchase outdoor furniture and build a custom outdoor living room.

Let your decor style guide the way. If you enjoy a rustic country aesthetic, add some Adirondack chairs or even a few rocking chairs – just be sure to apply a finish that will protect the wood from the elements. For a more sophisticated look, high-quality outdoor furniture with custom cushions can be both comfortable and stylish. However, you’ll need to have a place to store the cushions when the weather turns ugly.

Water Features

If space and budget allow, you may want to incorporate some water features to create a backyard oasis. By incorporating a hot tub or pool, you will have a leisure activity to be enjoyed by the whole family. If you love the idea of bringing different elements into your landscaping but lack the budget, space or desire to have a pool or hot tub, you can incorporate a small pond or fountain.

Keep in mind that depending on the style of pond you decide to incorporate, you may attract wildlife and bugs. Furthermore, you will want to consider the depth of the pond if you have young children either at home or in the neighborhood. There may be regulations about fencing in your property if there are pools or water features.


The final piece of the puzzle is incorporating plants to create the atmosphere you desire. In addition to creating an extra layer of privacy and noise absorption, certain plants can create shade, pleasing aromas, ground cover to reduce the frequency of mowing and attract different creatures. For example, plants like coneflowers, marigolds, and black-eyed Susans are some of the key components of a butterfly garden.

Decide what function you would like your plants to serve. Are they purely aesthetic or meant to provide shade? Do you want a garden you can work on or do you require something low-maintenance? Most importantly, do you have allergies that could be triggered by certain choices? These are all things to consider.

Look at the space you have available and create a vision for what you want. From there, make a plan and decide if you need a contractor to help you bring it to fruition. Soon, you’ll be able to step out your back door and into paradise.

Five Things You Need For a Backyard Getaway

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