Expert Lighting Ideas to Transform Your Apartment Space

Expert Lighting Ideas to Transform Your Apartment Space

Lighting has become one of the major areas of focus when it comes to designing luxury apartments for urban living. While many apartments now come with floor-to-ceiling windows to allow more natural light, not all of them provide this luxury. If you live in a small apartment, trying to achieve well-lit spaces and create ambiance in your rooms can be challenging.

Expert Lighting Ideas to Transform Your Apartment Space

However, even with limited space and fewer windows, anyone can transform their apartment, no matter its size, into a brighter space with these expert lighting ideas.

Go for Attractive Ceiling Fixtures
Incorporating a bold ceiling lighting fixture easily directs attention upward and opens up your space. A large lighting fixture adds drama and the right level of illumination needed to make interior spaces look even larger. The need for modern lighting options that make spaces more appealing cannot be ignored, as it helps you enjoy the best of urban living and has enormous practical value.

Take Advantage of Interior Wall Spaces
Another great lighting idea for apartments is to utilize your wall spaces by installing mounted lighting fixtures like sconces. With the right design and shading, sconces can be as attention-grabbing as any piece of wall art. You don’t have to worry about the lack of square footage in your apartment when you want to install additional lighting fixtures. In fact, sconces as bedside lights are a beautiful surprise and easily save you space on your bedside table.

Choose Lampshades Wisely
Lampshades aren’t just interior decorative accents in a room. They can actually make a huge difference in the quality of light you get out of your lighting lamps. Don’t just select a lampshade without thinking of your lighting goals. Lighter lampshades will allow more light into a room while darker lampshades make the light more localized and illuminate above and below the fixture.

Combine Ambient and Task Lighting
Variety is key when it comes to successfully lighting interior spaces. Aim for a mix of ambient or soft lighting for illuminating larger spaces and task or focused bright light that’s fixed in one position to fully brighten up rooms that don’t have enough natural light. A combination of these will work for any room. For instance, a working desk in your apartment will need task lighting, but ambient lighting is good when watching TV.

Go for Softer, Yellow Lights
The lighting in your rooms should make your space feel warm and inviting. To accomplish that, it’s best to stick to light bulbs that emit a softer, yellow light like incandescent bulbs. It’s usually more relaxing and ideal for living rooms and bedrooms, especially when incorporated as overhead lighting into the interior architecture where too much light is not needed.

Try Out Floor Lamps
If space in your apartment is limited, you can try out vertical lighting options. Torchiere floor lamps are one of the most popular options for apartments that lack in space as they provide plenty of good lighting without taking up the much-needed tabletop or floor space. A top interior designer suggests choosing a floor lamp that multitasks to get the most out of your fixture. Tall floor lamps are ideal for narrow and dim corners.

Stay in Control with Dimmers
Expert Lighting Ideas to Transform Your Apartment Space
If you’re looking to have flexible lighting in your apartment, dimmers are the way to go. Dimmer switches are an affordable and easy way to make an impact on your apartment’s lighting. You can update your lighting by installing dimmer switches on all your lighting fixtures and lamps and these will help you stay in control of the intensity of light in your rooms.

Don’t Forget About Form and Function
Don’t overlook the importance of how your lighting impacts the overall aesthetics of your interior space. Function is also key when selecting lighting fixtures and lamps for your apartment. Treat your lighting as a key part of your interior decor, and you’ll achieve the best look with these simple ideas.

Expert Lighting Ideas to Transform Your Apartment Space

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