Decorating your loft conversion

Decorating your loft conversion

A new loft conversion is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways of adding more room to a house and the new space can be used for a wide range of purposes: as a guest bedroom, a child’s bedroom, a hobby room or simply an extra space in which to relax. Once you’ve completed your loft conversion and decided what you plan to use it for, you have the fun part to look forward to: decorating it.

There are as many different ways to decorate a loft conversion as there are uses for the attic space. In a loft room with sloping ceilings, you ought to consider keeping the decor simple, as this will make the space appear much brighter and larger. Paint flat and sloping parts of the roof the same, light colour to add an extra sense of height: white is preferable.

If you’ve just finished building your loft conversion, wait as long as possible before painting newly plastered walls. Use a water-based sealer to keep the plaster in good condition, especially if a cold winter is on its way.

Colour schemes

Stick with light colours to brighten up what at first glance often appears to be a cramped, dark space, but don’t feel like you have to stick with white: fun, seaside themes can look great in a bedroom loft conversion, and don’t be afraid to slap on plenty of pastel pinks, greens and blues. If you’re aiming for a more soothing ambience, then pale shades are brilliant for creating a peaceful, restful atmosphere in a bedroom retreat.

Furnishing your new loft

When choosing furniture for your new loft conversion, stick to pieces that fit with the overall theme: an old beach chair, for example, could be given a new coat of paint and a new life in a breezy seaside bedroom. Look around second-hand shops for unique purchases.

If you can, assemble furniture up in the loft, as carrying pre-made items up two sets of steep stairs may not even be possible. If you are planning a games room in your loft, have a plan worked out as to how that snooker table is going to get itself into the room.

Add a sofa in your loft conversion for that attic retreat feel. If there isn’t enough space to fit a large sofa, opt for a comfortable two-seater and place it in the centre of the floor area. You don’t have to stick with the rustic theme: leather sofas can add a touch of style and sophistication to any converted loft.

Custom-made units with sliding doors take up less space when opened, while mirrors give off the illusion of space and bounce light around the room. Built-in shelves in the loft’s nooks make use of the pre-existing space and look great.

When it comes to making an attic space look welcoming, good lighting is crucial. Consider using halogen spotlights, which mimic daylight and are thus ideal for a room with small windows and little daylight: and speaking of windows, don’t forget to save some of your budget for some smart new blinds for your skylights. Custom-made blinds for Velux windows or similar come in many fresh styles and contemporary designs, from blackout blinds to Venetians.

Decorating your loft conversion

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