Choosing Channel Drains for Your New Bathroom

Choosing Channel Drains for Your New Bathroom

Channel drains, also known as linear or trough drains, have been around for many years, but have just recently become popular in private homes. Used in the past primarily in industrial or institutional type settings, their excellent drainage features as well as their ease of installation has brought them into the private sector.

Recognizable by their long and narrow design, channel drains have become a fashionable upgrade in many new homes as well as bathroom remodels. With the shower stall trends heading to a more open and barrier free design, proper drainage is very important.

With their growing popularity, channel drains are becoming more widely available to the average consumer. Nearly any length or design finish that you can imagine is now on the market, ready to complement your home and matching fixtures. Reef designer stainless steel channels are an excellent example of the types of drains that you can now easily install in your own home.

With the more traditional round drain in a shower, the placement has always been at the center of the shower stall floor. This provides decent drainage, but the installation is much more tricky than you would think. While installing a center drain, you must make sure that there is an equal slope on all sides to ensure that water runs to the drain from all directions.

With a channel drain, while installation is still a big job, you only need to create a one way slope towards the drain in the floor — much easier to accomplish in a much shorter amount of time. Because the slope only needs to be headed in one direction, the grade of the slant can also be much less.

The size and design of the channel drains are not only much more attractive than the normal center drain, but they provide a vastly quicker and more efficient drainage system. Your shower floor will dry more quickly, which allows less moisture to sit around with the potential for issues with mildew.

Safety is one of the most important aspects of any bathroom design. The sheer number of slip and fall dangers must be considered when approaching a new design. Open shower stalls with no curb or barrier to step over have become popular with families and seniors. You can now walk right into your shower without any climbing or slippery steps.

Add a channel drain to the side or back of your open, curbless shower stall to ensure that your water drainage happens quickly and completely. The size of the drain itself allows for water to evacuate the shower compartment much faster than traditional small round drains.

Along with elegant and subtle styling in a number of sizes and finishes, the channel drain is very easy to clean. Most models come with a removable debris tray inside that can be dumped out. The top grate of the drain is easy to lift out and clean at any time.

If you are thinking about remodelling your bathroom or are building a new home, consider this simple drainage update for your design. Not only will it look fantastic but it will help you stay dry and safe.

Choosing Channel Drains for Your New Bathroom

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