Cheap living room design ideas that will make it look lavish

Cheap living room design ideas that will make it look lavish

When it comes to home renovation, kitchen and bathroom often take priority, and the living room is the primary place decorators focus at when the home needs a retouch. As the central feature and frequently the first room people see, it should mirror your personal taste and aesthetic.

But how do you make a posh style work if you have a small budget? In this article, we’ll show you that finances shouldn’t get in the way of a stylish space.

First things first. Before getting started there are a few things you must consider – some obvious ones. What’s your design goals? How much room are you working with? How will space be used? Are you planning to use this guide for your next home?

Make styling simple. An over-accessorized, the messy room can look disorganised and untidy, rather than sophisticated and stylish. Tone down your collection and retain pieces that have sentimental value or evoke strong memories such as mementoes and old yet sturdy stuff.

Apply unique textile. Treat your room with some custom look by making use of antique or vintage textiles to make throw pillows or cover small pieces like upholstered stools or seat cushions. An aged Turkish rug on the floor is one simple way to rapidly generate visual intrigue. The uncommon fabric will give your room an exclusive element and will personalise your space.

Don’t focus on the Television. A living room with a huge black television placed front and centre can look and feel unsophisticated. You can minimise the presence of the screen by creating a gallery wall or even salon-style art arrangement round it. Although it won’t totally disappear, the television’s frame will blend in with your other artwork and distract the eye.

Hang a large piece of art. Create a central point and give the living room some “oomph” factor by placing a large piece of art by itself on one of the room walls. This will produce a chic and high impact effect with minimal hassle. Hunt items at flea markets or thrift stores for large pieces at inexpensive prices or you can get creative and just make your own.

Add unique sculpture items. You can avoid making your room a sea of circular forms and straight lines by adding an element with an exciting shape or unique outline. For instance, a tree-root coffee table or uncommon side chair will look and feel like a piece of art in the living room, adding a surprising and wholly artistic factor to your design.

Add a mix of texture. A thoughtful. a layered mix of textures and materials will give your living
room a custom-designed, deluxe look. Mix glass, wood, metals, a variety of textiles, or leather materials to create a lively, inviting space.

There you have it! Now if you’re doing this research to save money on design because you’re worried about your upcoming home buying financial strain, you should consider the house and land packages in Elliot Springs by Lendlease, which offers low-cost yet well-built homes in a prime community near the CBD.

It doesn’t make sense to own an overly-expensive home where you can barely afford any items in it, right? That would make for a catastrophic house-warming. Have fun redesigning your living room!

Cheap living room design ideas that will make it look lavish

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