America’s Top 5 Borrowed Interior Design Styles

America’s Top 5 Borrowed Interior Design Styles

America’s Top 5 Borrowed Interior Design Styles

Walk inside a building with your eyes open and you’re guaranteed to see some form of interior design style. Interior design is all around us and plays an important part in our everyday lives affecting our moods and emotions. It has the power to create a peaceful zen like space for you to relax and work in, or a garish uncomfortable space for you to run from!

America is already a melting pot of cultures and nationalities and borrows heavily from them in its food offerings, music, and fashion. But what about interior design? Which countries have had the biggest impact on interior design trends in America?

The team at Joybird created a handy culture map plotting out global interior design influences in America and below you can find the top five:

Scandinavian Style

From Denmark and Sweden (the country that practically invented flat pack furniture) comes the minimalist Scandinavian style which found its home in the US in the 1950’s bringing straight lines, high ceilings, and neutral colourways to bring light and space into rooms, perfect for a minimalist and peaceful space.

Bauhaus style

Bauhaus means ‘the house of building’ in german and was an art school founded in 1919 which looked to bond art and industrial design together. Modern day bauhaus style brings simple and light design without unnecessary decorative features using steel, glass, bent wood, leathers and plastic.

Bohemian Style

From Morocco comes the laid back and free spirited bohemian style. This eclectic style encourages rooms to be full to the brim with diversity in color and form to create a cozy space full of life with braided rugs, vintage furniture, beaded curtains, and bright patterns.

Tuscan Style

Terracotta, wrought iron, natural stone, tile mosaics, marble, and courtyards all feature heavily throughout the tuscan style which is heavily popular amongst the sunny western states where the weather mimics Italy. The tuscan style exudes warmth and relaxation with warm earth tone colors and rustic old world mediterranean style furnishings.

Victorian Style

Victorian style interior design oozes wealth and sophistication being named after Queen Victoria during a period of rapid wealth growth in England. This design style embraces expensive furnishing such as carved ornaments, natural wood furniture in walnut, mahogany or stained oak, coffered ceilings, embellished upholstery, and parquet floors.

Regardless of whether you’re a minimalist or you love to hoard colorful trinkets, there’s always an interior design style for you which we can thank the world for. Happy decorating.

America’s Top 5 Borrowed Interior Design Styles

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