9 Amazing Wedding Gifts for Newly Weds

9 Amazing Wedding Gifts for Newly Weds

With wedding season being almost upon us, most of us will find ourselves attending at least one wedding in the next few months. The most stressful part of attending a wedding as a guest is often knowing what to buy for a gift.

While some couple will still have a traditional registry, this practice seems to be becoming less and less common. Although it is kind of cheeky sending out a wish list to guests, it can be quite helpful for the guests too when they are looking for gift inspiration.

If the wedding you’re attending next doesn’t have a registry, here is some inspiration for your gift giving:

1 Name a Star
The ultimate romantic gift, naming a star after your friends is perfect for that quirky couple, or the ones who already have everything. You can even choose a twin package where you can name two stars that are side-by-side. If that doesn’t get an “awwww” what will?

2 Silk Bedding
Silk bedding is always a good choice. The cool, sensuous feel of the silk makes it a great mood setting gift and of course it’s practical. Everyone needs bedding!

3 Coffee Maker
Who doesn’t love the smell of freshly brewed coffee? A home espresso machine is the perfect gift for your budding barista friends, or how about a drip coffee maker for those who just want good coffee fast!

4 A Romantic Meal for Two
If you know the couple’s favourite restaurant, why not purchase vouchers so they can have a date night together, or if you want something really different, hire a chef to make them a meal at home for a more intimate experience.

5 Fresh Flowers
Although this isn’t a practical gift to take to the actual wedding, a monthly subscription service that sends fresh flowers to the couple every month is a lovely idea for a unique gift that will brighten their home and make them feel loved every month.

6 Cash or Vouchers
Many people see this as a bit of a cop out, but the truth is, most newly weds have been living together for a while before the actual wedding these days and they may already have all the practical things they need. Cash or vouchers mean they can choose whatever they actually want. While most couples would never outright request cash or vouchers, they will most definitely appreciate receiving them. If you know where they’re jetting off to on their honeymoon, make the gift a bit more personal by giving them the cash in the local currency of their destination!

7 Digital Photo Frame
This sounds a little bit boring on face value, but if you know the couple well, it can be a lot of fun. Contact their families and other friends and put together a slide show of all of your collective favourite photos of the couple and load it onto the frame for the ultimate personalised gift.

8 His ‘N’ Hers Spa Day
After all the stress of planning a wedding, a nice relaxing day to share together might be just what your friends need! Make sure if there are date restrictions that they don’t clash with the couple’s honeymoon!

9 Dinner Service
You can’t wrong with something practical like a dinner set. If you don’t know the couple well, maybe you’re a work colleague or a plus one who’s been tasked with buying the gift, then stick to neutral colours.

Hopefully this list has given you some inspiration and taken the pain out of choosing
the perfect gift!

9 Amazing Wedding Gifts for Newly Weds

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