8 Tips on How to Take Awesome GoPro Shots

8 Tips on How to Take Awesome GoPro Shots

GoPro can rival DSLR if used perfectly to take good shots. It has been known widely for shooting good videos, but the camera is also able to do photos. The best thing about GoPro is that you don’t require complex skills and knowledge about cameras to get started. It applies the best settings for you and you don’t need to put much effort to take nice shots.

To help you understand how you can maximize on the features of these small cameras, here are 8 tips to get you started with awesome shots.

1. Use a mount
To spice up a GoPro shot, you should consider using a mount to minimize movement. This gives you more room for perfecting your angling and ensures that you don’t miss out on the best details while shooting. It’s the most recommended technique for beginners because it makes your work easier.

2. Hold steady
In order to stabilize shots in motion, you should consider using a powered gimbal. This is a device that uses a motor to act against movement, thereby producing a smooth footage at virtually any setting. They come in different shapes and designs, so you can use it for shooting while riding a bike, or even while exploring on your feet. You can check out topgimbals.com for some of the best gimbals for

GoPro photography.
3. Use filters to enhance the quality
Filters could allow you to improve the quality of your shots. In this case, you should be thinking about physical filters that are placed in front of the lens to alter light coming into the camera. An example is a neutral density filter, which works perfectly to give you amazing shots.

4. Frame the shot
Newer GoPro models come with a screen. This means you can use the screen to adjust the frame and take good photos. Set it up so you only include the features you need in the frame. The composition of the photo is important as this what helps to tell the story.

5. Plan in advance
Planning will help you to be more accurate and successful while taking the shots. Have a list of what you intend to capture several days ahead of the event. This will give you the upper hand on things like the state of the weather on the venue, which will allow you to use the right settings on your GoPro.

6. Shoot at sunrise or sunset
Also referred to as the golden hours, sunrise and sunset offer you the perfect lighting conditions to create dramatic shots. The light entering into the sensors at this time is not intense. It creates a soft glow that ensures a perfectly exposed photo. Don’t shoot at midday because it’s more challenging to balance lighting at such time of the day.

7. Experiment with the settings
Try different settings to see what you can achieve. This is a good way to come up with something unique. Shift your location and also alter the settings to ensure the camera offers varying results. GoPro offers you good settings feature that you can use to try out new ideas.

8. Play around with angles
Different angles allow you to come up with unique shots. GoPro has proved a perfect camera for shooting at different angles, so you should maximize this potential. Angle shots can make a huge difference. You will get varying perspectives. Some ideas to explore would include sitting down to shoot, climbing at an elevation to take aerial shots, and even holding the camera high. Also, look for reflections like water to create dramatic shots.

It’s not difficult to take amazing shots using a GoPro camera. You only need to think about the features that are necessary to make the process a success. Have the right gear in place to enhance the performance of your camera. You need a tripod for moving shots, and also play with the settings for best results.

8 Tips on How to Take Awesome GoPro Shots

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