8 Fashion Trends of 2018 That Are Rocking The World

8 Fashion Trends of 2018 That Are Rocking The World

2018 kicked off with a bang and fashion once again seems to be changing. The world of fashion is truly unique, you never know what is going to be in style tomorrow and what would appear to be nothing but a fad.

Vintage and turtleneck suits are back in style as you will see a number of men rocking them. On the other hand, women are seen rocking in berets. So, it’s not wrong to say that a slight mixture of vintage style and the modern styles is what we’re witnessing in 2018.

Trends come and trends go which is why it is vital for a fashion enthusiast to try different options and see what suits them the most. This is important because at the end of the day, fashion is more about being confident than simply being a trend follower.

Celebrities have a huge impact on the fashion world. Their fans like to follow their style, which soon becomes a trend. Remember how Kim Kardashian’s maternity outfits were a rage despite criticism from some corners?

If you too are looking to make your mark by choosing the latest piece of clothing then this article is for you.

Here are eight fashion trends of 2018 that are rocking the world:

1.Art Infused Fashion

2018 merged art into fashion to give us something truly unique. Many designers introduced infused dresses with florals, contemporary art, infused pictures etc.

This trend seems to be gaining popularity now especially with big brands like Versace and Prada also making such designs for both men and women.

Prada came up with cartoon arts on their collection which met with great reviews. So far, the trend is highly adored by people and other brands might soon jump the bandwagon as well.

2. Vintage Checks

The end of 2017 saw the introduction of vintage style back into the fashion world, but it truly came out in 2018. You will see both men and women rocking vintage outfits, not just in movies but on the streets as well.

3. Berets

Berets were written off years ago but seem to be back in style now thanks to celebrities rocking them on red carpets.

They are cap-like headgears that are worn in contrast to your dress. It all started when Rihanna wore it to an event and others soon started to follow suit. Her leather beret rocked her personality and from there it started off as a trend.

It’s slightly worn tilted and often with the same lip color. Berets are sold like hot cakes due to the variety of designs and colors they are manufactured in. You can find leather and velvet berets in different designs.

4. Trench Coats

Beyonce’s trench coat in “Ring the Alarm” attracted many eyes and soon became a solid trend. Even today, online and physical shops are filled with them and both women and men love to wear such designs.

If you are a coat person then trench coat can really up your fashion game. There was a time when trench coats used to be bland, but today you can find such coats in different designs.

Their only downside is that they can often be very heavy so be attentive to the weight.

5. Frills and Tassels

Frills and tassels are back in fashion and how. That’s one fashion statement that is famous not just in Hollywood but all around the world. Many say that it originated back from Asia, but today it is a craze all around the world.

Frill dresses look cute and suit almost everyone. Other than this, tassel earrings are a rage as well.

6. Stripes And Sharp Colors

This is one fashion that never truly goes out of style. We forget about stripes and then they come back at us roaring loudly. This year, fashion designers introduced stripes back in jackets, coats, sweaters, shirts and even pants.

Unlike previous times, sharp stripes seem to be in fashion these days as they can be very attractive and help enhance the look.

7. Fur Coats

This winter, quite a lot of people went for fur coats not only because it’s a cheap synthetic material but also because it’s also highly fashionable. Besides flaunting a great sense of fashion, they also keep your body warm in winters and keep you safe.

8. Customized Accessories

People seem to be in love with customized designs. You will see people wearing necklaces with names on it. Customized jackets are also a rage.

These eight are some of the most rapidly growing fashion trends in 2018. If you want to be fashionable then take that leap today and introduce these fashion trends in your style. However, make sure to pick something that looks good on you as blindly following fashion is never a good thing.

8 Fashion Trends of 2018 That Are Rocking The World

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