8 Costly Wedding Mistakes You Need To Avoid

8 Costly Wedding Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Your wedding will only happen once, so it comes to no surprise that you want to leave a lasting impression. You want: your gown to be the talk of the town for the next few months until hotter gossip comes along, your venue to have guests envision heaven, and each girl in the room to wish she is the bride.
To keep you on right track, learn some of the common mistakes you should avoid: 

1. Being adamant on specific flowers
A bride can become attached to a particular theme color for her wedding and want everything from flowers, dresses to shoes to be one specific color. Flowers, however, come in seasons and even when you book them early, it does not mean that they will be available. 

So as much as possible don’t be too rigid, or else you’ll be running in the last minute from one florist to another to have specific flowers for your wedding. Be flexible!

2. Buying the most expensive gown
A bride wants to look heavenly on her wedding, but that does not mean spending all the money on a single dress she will wear in just a day. The dress must remain within the budget limits, considering not only the price of the gown but also shipping costs and other accessories to complete the look. 

3. Picking the wrong people to be your groomsmen
Successful weddings won’t be possible without groomsmen, but you need to choose the right ones. While you have a variety of people to choose from, from family members to friends, you must ensure they are reliable before giving them groomsmen gifts. It can be costly to include someone just because he is a family member or a friend, only to find out they are not offering you the support you need. 

4. Running to professionals
Before settling for the expensive wedding photographer or cake shop, always think first of anyone you know that can do a terrific job for a much lower price. A friend who has a passion for photography may be quite gifted and so could be your relative who loves baking. Professionals will not only fleece you with your money, but they may also not be as good as those people you have had the chance to experience their services and products. 

5. Late hair styling and makeup
There is a difference between being fashionably late and annoyingly late. You can avoid it by scheduling your makeup sessions on time. Have the opportunity to meet your stylist and artist beforehand so that they not only advise you on the best hairstyle, but also see for yourself how you will look on your D-day. 

By doing so, you can measure the amount of time it will take to have yourself and bridesmaids to look stunning without giving jitters to the groom. 

6. Breathing down the necks of your vendors
Did you hire professionals cater all the wedding needs, such as the wedding venue, flowers, cake, entertainment and any other tasks? If so, you must trust them enough to let them handle what you have assigned them with an occasional follow-up. After the first meeting and specifying the details, avoid the need to control them, otherwise you will end up being anxious and frustrated by even the smallest blunders. Try your best as well to remain on good terms with them. 

7. Sending the wedding invitation cards too soon
As soon as you and your future spouse decide to get married, you may become so excited. You immediately call up your friends and family to let them know you are getting married on a specific date and send them invites. However, getting married is more than just sending invitation cards, and until you set every detail, do not send out those cards yet. 

8. Putting all your finances into the wedding
A wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you spend all your savings on it or worse, go into debt just to finance it. Keep in your mind — there is a life after the wedding.You need to prepare for it.

If you can avoid these eight mistakes, you will enjoy the planning process, the wedding day and the after-wedding period. After all, why start your married life on a low note while everybody else at your wedding had the time of their life at your expense. Mistakes may be great teachers but it is best to learn from others wrongdoings. 

8 Costly Wedding Mistakes You Need To Avoid

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