7 Signs Your New Townhome Was the Right Choice

7 Signs Your New Townhome Was the Right Choice

Have you recently moved into a new townhome and are wondering if you made the right choice? Could there have been something better out there for you? It’s natural for owners—or renters—to wonder if they may have liked another home better. Luckily, there are several ways to tell if you made a good decision. Find out if you’re new houses or townhome was the right choice for you with this checklist.

7 Signs Your New Townhome Was the Right Choice

1. Low-Maintenance Requirements

One of the biggest frustrations about owning a home is keeping up with all the maintenance issues. You are responsible for the yard work, a leaky roof, plumbing, damaged window screens, and more. Your townhome was the right choice if low-maintenance came with the package deal.

Thanks to Homeowners’ Associations, you don’t have to worry about landscaping, snow removal, aesthetic upkeep, and so on. If you are renting, not only will these maintenance responsibilities be taken care of— though possibly for a small fee—but interior maintenance like a broken dishwasher or ventilation cleaning will be handled by the property owner, as well.

2. Designed to Be Move-In Ready

The best townhome for you will have a new, modern design that will ensure that you won’t want to do renovations as soon as you move in. Updated cabinets, stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, and newly installed carpets are just a few characteristics.

The floor plan should be designed to take strong advantage of square footage and arrange the rooms to have multifunctional purposes. Large windows will let light into common areas, and high ceilings will create a sense of open space. Overall, your townhome should be inviting and bright!

3. Amenities for Your Entertainment

Many single homeowners have to join a local community center or a YMCA to participate in interests like swimming, exercising, and group activities, all at the expensive of a monthly or yearly membership. However, townhomes can eliminate the “middle-man” and directly service entertainment with their included amenities.

Does your townhome give you access to facilities like a swimming pool, sports activity area, or park? Many townhome neighborhoods provide communal activities—possibly even a shared fitness center—that are usually incorporated in your fees. If you would like to to use specific accommodations without having to pay for memberships, the right townhome will have something fun available for you!

4. Affordable Cost

Generally, townhomes are less expensive than single family homes, especially for first-time buyers. Even if you rent, the monthly cost can still be cheaper than paying a mortgage. Reduced utilities will also help you save money.

Not to mention, low or covered maintenance will save you cash that you would have spent on repairs and replacements. Remember the amenities? They also prevent you from having to pay other organizations’ membership fees, which adds up throughout the year. The townhome that’s right for you will fit within your budget and save you money with its amazing perks!

5. Ideal Location

Do you want to be in the heart of the city, around malls and businesses, or are you looking for a suburban neighborhood near schools and parks? Choosing the right townhome means having a home that can support your lifestyle by being within a preferred location. Some townhomes can be in the middle: far enough out of the urban area for quiet, but close enough to drive to the city whenever you want!

6. Friendly Neighbors

Everyone has had a bad experience with neighbors and noise, but the right townhome for you will keep you from experiencing incidents like that ever again. Your neighbors should be friendly—even a close-knit community if that’s what you like! At the very least, they should be courteous, quiet during expected times, and respectful of your property.

7. Provided Security

Shockingly, 34% of burglars enter homes through the front door, contributing to the need of protecting your home with optimal safety measures. Sure, you can have security systems installed, but that does not always deter intruders. However, in townhomes, your neighbors are your security.

Living side-by-side and across from one another makes it very difficult for burglars to break in without being detected. Some communities are even gated for added security precautions, requiring anyone to either pass a security guard or use a keycard to enter the complex. If you chose the right townhome, you will feel safe and secure with neighbors that keep an eye on your home or within gates meant to keep unwelcomed visitors out!

Have Peace of Mind

Everyone has second thoughts about whether or not they made the right choice when choosing a
home. If you want to make sure your new townhome is right for you, make sure it has these
seven qualities. When you can check them all off the list, you know you are in your home sweet

7 Signs Your New Townhome Was the Right Choice

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