6 Stylish Unisex Trends With Staying Power

6 Stylish Unisex Trends With Staying Power

Gender neutral clothing was all the rage this past fall, but there are a number of unisex trends that have been in style for a while. In fact, gender-neutral clothing isn’t even a new concept. It was popularized in the late 1960s by high-profile feminists like Diane Keaton and glam rockers in the 1970s. Suddenly, gender lines were blurred like they hadn’t been before. Trends come and go, but a number of them have become more unisex over the years. If you’re looking to bend gender boundaries with your style consider these trends that have serious staying power.

Sunglasses For Both Sexes
Sunglasses add cool factor no matter what sex you are. It’s also one accessory that you can easily share with your significant other. Some styles of men’s designer sunglasses are worn by just as many women. Aviator sunglasses are one extremely popular unisex design that were originally designed for male pilots that were flying beyond the stratosphere. Today, the opposite is now true. More and more men’s sunglasses are playing around with colors and shapes that have been traditionally worn by women. Just a few years ago you wouldn’t have come across cat-eye style sunglasses for men, but they’re now en vogue.

Showing Personal Style With Tattoos
Not long ago tattoos were a primarily male trend that was dominated by U.S. sailors. These days, you’re just as likely to see women with sleeves of tattoos as men. A recent poll from Lightspeed Research found that more women are now getting inked than men.

While tattoos have become a unisex trend, many designs are still more common among one sex over the other. Flowers, jewels, and crown tattoo designs are favored by females whereas guys are more likely to be covered in tribal and alpha animal portraits.

Stylish Sneakers
Maybe it’s because sneakers are such functional, comfortable footwear, but they’ve gone from a trend dominated by athletic guys to a style that has become fashionable for women. Decades ago, sneakers were one of the few ways for guys to show off street style. For some men, owning numerous pairs of sneakers was a badge of honor.

The athleisure trend has helped make sneakers just as fashion forward for women. They’re trading in cute flats for sensible sneakers with flare. You can find sneakers in every color for both men and women.

Sporty Backpacks
Backpacks are another utilitarian accessory that crosses gender lines. Most designs aren’t created with a particular gender in mind. The 90s craze for Jansport gear made it clear that backpacks are a unisex trend. Teens of both genders begged their parents for a Jansport, any Jansport, at the start of a new school year.

Classic Jean Jackets
Another unisex trend that’s turned up repeatedly over the years is jean jackets. Most jean jackets have a similar style and cut no matter what section of the clothing store they’re in. Today’s oversized styles can also fit both men and women.

Kilts and Pleated Skirts
This is one skirt that wasn’t originally meant for women. Kilts (which means pleated) came about in Scottish culture during the 1500s. Back then they were long garments worn by men. Though they fell out of fashion for a while, kilts have come back in a big way.

Tartan-inspired garments showed up on countless Fall 2017 runways for menswear and womenswear designers. Layering loose skirts over pants is another related trend that’s making kilt styles even more fashion-forward.

Gender non-conformist, gender neutral, unisex, genderless – no matter what you call them, some trends are just so cool they aren’t confined to one sex. Shunning the “men’s” and “women’s” label means creating a style that’s truly personal.

6 Stylish Unisex Trends With Staying Power

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