5 tips to creating your dream home

5 tips to creating your dream home

What makes a house a home? It holds all your favourite items, memories and people all in one place. Every home is different, so it is important to create a space where your family can gather and go about their lives. When creating your dream home, it is essential to make your house stylish, functional and somewhere to be enjoyed by all.

But, this is where the hard part comes in, discovering what you want and how you are going it. As with any new project, you need to do your research and planning so to help you out we have put together five top tips to creating your dream home.

1. Clearing away the clutter
A dream home isn’t chaotic, it’s a tranquil space to enjoy with family and friends. Before doing anything else, the first thing you need to do is clear away the clutter. It may seem like a huge task, but get it done and then you’ll soon be organised and be able to plan the rest of your dream home. Get rid of items you no longer use or need around the house, kid’s old toys and the piles of bills and paperwork you leave lying around – this way you have more space to work with.

2. Do your research
Transforming your home is never going to be an easy task or as simple as splashing a bit of paint on the walls. You want to research what makes the best impact and what it is you are looking to create. There is inspiration all around us from home interior magazines, influencer bloggers, Instagram accounts, Pinterest and so much more. Take photos of what it is that you love and then create your own version of it.

3. Choose furniture that suits your household
A new lick of paint will impact the feel of the room but it’s new furniture that will truly transform your space. Consider your lifestyle and how you live – if you love entertaining in your home, extendable tables and places for people to sit are a great idea. Think about storage, if you’re lacking space to put things in, baskets in shelves are a great idea and if you have kids make sure you opt for a child friendly fabric.

4. Book in with a design consultant
Even if you have your dream home planned out, which let’s be honest you more than likely have, getting a design consultant in can help you put that vision together in a more realistic way and allow you to see what will work and what won’t.

5. Makeover what you already have
If you can’t afford to spend loads of money on a brand new kitchen, give your current one a makeover. This could be painting the units, changing the work surfaces or upgrade your appliances. It’s incredible the difference these minor details can make to transform your home into the space of your dreams – and it’s so easy to do.

Update your home to reflect your personality using our tips above and in no time you will have that perfect home you have always dreamed of.

5 tips to creating your dream home

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