5 Online Mattress Stores Taking Over the Industry

5 Online Mattress Stores Taking Over the Industry

Experts argue that the average human spends about 25 years of their natural life sleeping. Therefore, a comfortable mattress may help you enjoy a better part of the years. Experts also recommend a change of mattress every 5 to 10 years depending on the quality.

When it comes to buying mattresses online, the list of the best online mattress sellers is endless. From the manufacturers themselves to retailers, it’s hard to pick a favorite. But before you approach any seller online, you should have an idea of what to look for. You need a mattress that is not only comfortable but of good quality too.

To help you get your ideal mattress, we have listed 5 top online stores that are taking over the industry:

1. Casper

Since joining the mattress market in 2014, Casper has grown from a simple New York-based mattress company to an online giant. The Better Business Bureau rates the online store A+. This is because the customers trust the brand and the products. They have amassed several awards over the years that they have been in operation. At the moment, they supply three mattress designs: Casper Mattress, Essential, Mattress, and Wave Mattress. Their cheapest option, the Essential Mattress, retails at $350 while their most luxurious option, the Wave Mattress, retails at $2,400. The most attractive thing about Casper is the 100-day no-risk policy. The offer allows you to try the mattress and return it in case you are not comfortable with its performance before the term expires.

2. Leesa

So many customers who have tried Leesa mattresses argue that they only started to sleep better when they bought the mattress. The online store promises comfort and luxury regardless of how you sleep. Once the mattress arrives after an online order in an air-tight pack, it expands into its regular size and shape after you unpack it. Currently, Leesa offers two designs: Leesa all-foam mattress and Saphira semi-foam mattress. The former retails at $525-$1,195 depending on size while the latter costs $995-$1,795, also depending on size. The store also sells mattress accessories like pillows and sheets of similar quality.

3. Mattress Firm

If you are looking for a mattress store that has endless options, this is the store to visit. The website has an easy-to-use tool that helps you find the mattress of your dream. They also have standalone stores spread across the US. So, you can always try the mattress there before making an order. Their most attractive element, though, is the 120-night sleep trial policy that allows you to test the mattress and return it when unsatisfied before the trial period expires. Their popular mattress brands include Simmons and Serta. The prices normally vary depending on selection. Using the mattress finder tool on the website, you can narrow down your selections until you get a mattress design that you like.

4. Sleep Number

Just like Mattress Firm, Sleep Number has physical stores that you can visit to try the mattress that you want to buy before making a formal online order. They are known to provide high-quality mattresses that are ideal for couples. Their prices range from $499 (for the twin-size) to $2,000 (for the king-size and queen-size). The seller offers you a 125-night sleep trial policy plus a 25-year usage warranty. Consequently, you can always feel comfortable when making the purchase. They also sell beds that are programmable. The beds allow you to decide how soft you want your mattress to feel.

5. Macy’s

Lastly, there is Macy’s, a mattress supplier that has ruled the market for decades. They have a wide selection of high-quality mattresses. Their popular brands are Beautyrest, Serta Mattress, and Sealy Mattress. They also supply beds and mattress accessories. Thus, you can get everything that you need to enjoy better sleep. From twin-size mattresses to king-size designs and from all-foam mattresses to innerspring designs, the online store has everything that you need. Macy’s is generally a great one-stop shop for all member of your family. It’s ideal when you want to give your bedrooms a complete makeover.


The above sellers have come a long way. In as far as the online mattress market is concerned, they are the pace-setters. To them, it’s not just about selling the mattresses but giving the customer quality options.

5 Online Mattress Stores Taking Over the Industry

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