5 Advantages of Active Adult Communities

5 Advantages of Active Adult Communities

5 Advantages of Active Adult Communities

The senior population is retiring earlier, maintaining an active lifestyle and living much longer. This can make a difference in how we look at housing for our older generation. With the massive numbers of Baby Boomers that are moving into retirement age, there are newer trends that are showing up more often in the housing market.

Over 55+, Adult Only and Active Adult communities are springing up just about everywhere. There is a great selection of new homes in Chester County that are located in Active Adult communities. Move on from your family home into a simpler more exclusive lifestyle.

Apart from being surrounded by people in the same stage of life, there are many advantages to moving into an Active Adult community. There is no need to give up your independence while still maintaining the type of lifestyle that you are used to.

Fixed Costs
In a community location you will be able to enjoy paying a monthly fee that can include many of your regular payments. You can arrange to have your mortgage, taxes, utilities and services all put into one payment. This can help seniors on a fixed income to comfortably make their budget.

Common Ground
In Active Adult communities you will find yourself surrounded by like-minded people. Most residents are retired from regular work and are more focused on their hobbies and quality of life. You will enjoy being surrounded by people of the same generation with shared histories, making it easy to make new friends and connections.

The community itself is a large draw for people looking to buy a new house after retirement. The convenience and amount of service that is provided makes life much simpler. You can enjoy the resort atmosphere of the clubhouse, swimming pools, nature trails, golf courses, gym facilities, a salon, spa or make a visit to shopping and entertainment that are close by.

Low Maintenance
You can forget about grass cutting, snow removal or raking leaves. All of your indoor and outdoor house maintenance will be taken care of. Don’t spend your precious retirement looking after endless home repairs.

The neighbourhood design in most Active Adult communities keeps in mind residents living a vigorous lifestyle. Open park spaces, wide sidewalks for walking or running and a roadway bike lane are all maintained for you.

Seniors may be looking for a quieter atmosphere away from city life but not away from the conveniences of it. Adult communities are typically located in a quieter outer part of a city while still having close access to restaurants, shopping, medical clinics and entertainment.

Along with the comforts that a community lifestyle offers, you will also be surrounded by innovative design features with a senior lifestyle in mind. You will rarely find a lot of stairs or ramped driveways. Your mobility and ease of movement is built right into the design. Many homes have been built with the capability to accommodate any medical equipment if there should ever be a need for it in the future.

5 Advantages of Active Adult Communities

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